Saturday, March 21, 2009

Author Spotlight: Laurean Brooks

Today my very special guest is Laurean Brooks. FYI: she also has her very first book signing today. Congratulations Laurie and good luck.
Author bio
Laurean Brooks was first spurred to write by a fifth-grade teacher who enjoyed listening to Laurean's cliff-hanger book reports and wild essays. The teacher announced to the class, "One day Laurie will become an author."Life got in the way and decades passed, but Laurean kept the teacher's words tucked safely away in her heart. Today, she is author of two short stories and a 291-page book titled, JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS.
Interview Questions
1. What was your purpose in writing JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS?
I would like for readers who have been abused either physically or emotionally, to realize that forgiveness is the only key to true emotional freedom. God can give you them a new start.
2. What do you want to convey through this book?
There is hope for the abused. Healing comes through letting go of negative emotions-bitterness, resentment and anger. And letting go comes through forgiveness.
3. What are your aspirations for JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS?That all (and I hope there will be many), who read this book will recognize emotional baggage in their lives and take the first steps to deal with the scars inflicted through past abuse. Whether physical or emotional.Secondly, I pray that those who have never experienced abuse will remember not to judge so harshly those who seem a bit distant or act a little different. We can never know what a person has experienced until we have gone through those same experiences.
4. Where did you get the idea to write this book?From my mother's childhood. Her father was physically abusive. She gave me a lot of information about the era around the Great Depression. The story about the farm-raising cotton, corn, and livestock-is true. Also, the journey to Chicago to find employment, and several humorous incidents. My mother is eighty-eight and her mind is as good as mine. Better sometimes.The story is based on my mother's life. Most of the occurrences are fiction, though the heroine and hero bear the same names and spirited personalities as my parents.In real life my mother and dad met on the Tennessee farm mentioned in the story. He was hired to help with the cotton crop. They married after my Dad returned from World War II, and after my mother returned from Chicago.
5. What else would you like to say about Journey To Forgiveness?
Abuse is a serious topic. It can affect a person for life if not dealt with. God is the only One who provides complete forgiveness and healing. But the victim must be willing to relinquish those harmful emotions.Journey To Forgiveness is loaded with rib-tickling scenes that give a lighter touch to the real issue of suppressed anger and the heroine's struggles. This heartwarming story will take the reader from tears to laughter, and finally to joy.
JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS by Laurean Brooks, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble site, and Target, online and White Rose
When Jenny Hinson's abusive father deserts the family, the responsibility of the family's Tennessee farm falls to Jenny and her mother. Four years later, in 1938, boll weevils infest the cotton crop, plunging the Hinsons into dire financial straits, and Jenny takes the train north to find work. Electricity has yet to reach rural Chicory Valley. But, not only is the young woman introduced to it in its tapped form in Chicago, but also encounters a few jolts along the way when she challenges the infuriating Austin Grant over a luggage mishap. Sparks fly outside the Kankakee train station when Jenny discovers her missing vanity case under Austin's arm. She immediately labels him a thief. And after Austin coaxes money from her aunt's congregation, Jenny determines to find enough evidence to expose him and his nefarious deeds. Why did Austin pull money from the mission strongbox and stuff a sizable roll into his pocket? Wasn't this just the proof Jenny needed? Then why was she reluctant to report the theft? And why did her heart race at every encounter with the notorious Austin? Jenny's personal convictions would never allow a relationship where trust was blatantly missing.
Can Jenny muster enough courage to ask Austin the tough questions that will ultimately make or break their relationship? Can she forgive her father's brutality? Find out as you follow Jenny's struggles in JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS. Find JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS and many more inspirational romances on the new White Rose Publishing site at
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JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS by Laurean Brooks "Love and Forgiveness rippled with humor."


  1. Hi Laurie, great interview. Wishing you mega sales on your journey with this book.

  2. Thank you, Sharon. I wish the same for you.

  3. Laurean, your story sounds really interesting!

    A message for Tonya:
    I've emailed you a couple of times in response to your question about me blogging on April 4, but haven't heard back from you. No problem if you no longer want me to blog, but if you do, perhaps you could email me again...
    thanks! Abby

  4. Thanks, Abby,

    I'm getting a lot of great local feedback. Some are saying it should be made into a Hallmark movie. "blush."

  5. Hey all you bloggers. I just got a 5***** review from "You Gotta Read" for "Journey To Forgiveness." Woo-hoo! I was going to give you the link, but I gave the printed review and the link to the newspaper office yesterday.

    Just check out book reviews on the "You Gotta Read" site. I think it was posted around April 23rd.