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Peek Inside The Fetish Box with Nicole Camden

Thanks Nicole for stopping by today for this quick interview and sharing your new release with us! Hope to have you back soon! And readers be sure to check out my 'Tonya's Book Reviews' tab at the top of this page for my review of The Fetish Box! Reviews will be live by March 1st! 

TC: What first inspired you to write?

NC: A story I wrote in 2nd grade about the Trail of Tears. Our teachers asked us to write a story about something we learned in history class. Suddenly, an idea popped in my head about the Trail of Tears. I decided to write a story about a Cherokee girl who could see into the future, so she knew about the disaster to come and warned her family. The experience of seeing the characters in my head and writing it down was amazing. I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since.

TC: Do you have any writing rituals?

NC: I try to just write every day, whether I feel inspired or not…but I will admit that a glass of wine is usually involved…or five.

TC: How do you approach a love scene?

NC: That’s a tough one. I have to put myself in the characters place and really image what it is he/she would do in that situation, where they are, the status in the development of their relationship…or at least, I should think about those things, but most of the time, the characters just seem to do what they want…lol.

TC: Goals for 2013

NC: Finish all the manuscripts I have due…at least close to on time.

TC:  Do you have a certain soundtrack of music for writing?

NC: When I need to rock, I have a my favs playlist in itunes that includes a lot of 80s songs. Otherwise, I turn on classical music.

TC: Is there anything (in general) you find particularly challenging about writing?

NC: Yes, making the time. I have a job that pays the bills and a fiancĂ© that actually likes spending time with me…so sometimes, choosing to go into my office and work on my manuscript is an enormous effort. Also…I get stuck in the middle of a story and don’t quite have enough clarity to get to the next point.

TC: What are you working on now?

NC: I’m working on finishing the second manuscript for FETISH – Lille and Max’s story— and a romantic suspense series under my real name.

TC: What inspired 'The Fetish Box'?

NC: I lived in Hollywood, FL many years ago (that’s when I started writing it actually) and there was an adult store there called THE FETISH BOX. I thought the name was cool. It made me think of Pandora’s Box and I thought that if a girl with no experience suddenly found herself as the owner, she’d be opening herself up to all manner of experiences, good and bad.

NC: How many books do you have planned for this series? Just the 2 for now.

TC: What can readers expect from you in the future?

NC: More erotica, probably still in serials. I’ll also be writing romantic suspense under my real name.

TC: Anything you would like to add.

 NC: I’m just so glad that I’ve gotten my life on a path to be a full time writer someday. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing, and thanks to all those who’ve read my stories and liked them. Happy reading! 

An enchanting eBook debut about a world where your fantasies come true and nothing is quite what it seems. Come on in to realize your heart’s darkest desire...Virginal twenty-two-year-old Mary has just inherited a sex shop in Florida from her mother. After a long drive from California, she arrives at her deceased mother’s house only to be confronted immediately with two equally sexy strangers: the strong, silent John and the irreverent, taunting Max. She’s innocent, almost completely untouched, but feels a completely uncharacteristic pull to each man. Shocking even herself, she realizes it’s not an unwelcome desire.

Max is a playboy who knows how to give women what they want, but John… John might just be able to give Mary something even she doesn’t know she needs…

Buy your copy of The Fetish Box  on Amazon today for only $.199

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What's New for 2013

Hey Everyone!!

2013 has started out as a great year! I am busy helping promote some of my favorite authors, I don't like to name drop, but Lisa Renee Jones, Tawny Weber and Jess Michaels are just a few :)) Be sure to check back for reviews of there books and they will be stopping by often. I have an awesome interview with Jess coming up soon!!

Upcoming Author Spotlight Days:
Feb 23: Nicole Camden stops by for a quick interview and a quick tease from her new series 'The Fetish Box'
March 7: Jess Michael's stops by to talk about her new Matchmaker Series and her writing process
March 14: Jodie Pierce stops by for her Fangs-A-Lot Blog Hop.
March 21: Jean Viola Ryan joins us with one of her characters for an interview.
March 28: Christine Donovan

The month of March I will also be involved in the Egg-excerpt Exchange! Me and several other authors will exchange excerpts on each others blogs. I will post links to there blogs so you can also check out my excerpts and also more about that particular author!
It kicks off March 2nd with Keta Diablo
March 10: Lisa Carlisle
March 11: Stacy
March 15: Anna Bayes
March 17th: Tina Gayle
March 25th: Linda McLaughlin
March 26th: Lizzie Star

Her is a glance in the blog hops I will be taking part in this year:
March 15-18: Lucky in Love Blog Hop; Your love, your romance and how much you love St. Patrick's Day!
April: A-Z- Blog Challenge: Each day a new topic to match the letter
April: 25-28: Tortured Hero Blog Hop
May 20-23: Rites of Spring Blog Hop
May 20-25: Wet and Wild Blog Hop
May 24-27: Sweaty Nights Blog Hop
June 27-30: Fantasy Blog Hop
July 25-28: Romance your Hero Blog Hop
August 22-25: Hot Scenes

And in between all of this I will be busy writing, promoting my new release 'Claimed' being released this Spring by MuseItUp Publishing! Will reveal cover soon! I love it!! And hopefully be preparing for more releases this year!

Happy Reading and hope to see you back soon!!


P.S. check out my Tonya's Book Reviews tab at the top of my blog! I will be posting all of my book reviews there from now on!

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A Seal's Seduction by Tawny Weber

A SEAL’s Seduction – Tawny Weber

Available February 2013

Alexia’s heart pounded so hard against her throat, she was surprised it didn’t jump right out into Blake’s hand. 

She wanted him.  Like she’d never wanted another man in her life.  Years, she’d behaved.  She’d carefully considered her actions, making sure she didn’t hurt others.  She’d poured herself into her career, into making sure her life was one she was proud of. 

She had a man who wanted her in his life.  A nice, sweet man who she could talk through the night with and never run out of things to say.

But she wanted more. 

She wanted a man who’d keep her up all night screaming with pleasure.  Who’d drive her wild, who’d send her body to sexual places she’d never even dreamed of.  She wanted orgasms.  Lots and lots of orgasms. 

Even if it was only for one night.

And that, she realized, was the key.  One night of crazy.  One night of delicious, empowered, indulge-her-every-desire sex, with a man who made her melt.

One night would be incredible.  

One night would be enough. 

“This is crazy,” she murmured against his lips. 

“Yeah,” he agreed, his tongue sliding over her lower lip before he nipped the tender flesh.  When she gasped, he soothed it with a soft kiss.  “But crazy feels damned good.”

It did.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned into the hard, solid wall of his muscled body and gave a low moan of delight.  He felt really, really good. 

Blake pulled back then, giving her an intense look.  As if he were trying to see past her heart, into her soul.  As if he knew wall her secrets, her every desire. 

Then he smiled.  A slow, wicked curve of his lips.  As if he’d just figured out how to make every one of those desires a reality. 

Now that was a scary proposition.  Scarier still, she was pretty sure he could. 

She wanted him.  Wanted nothing more than to strip him naked and run her hands over every inch of his hard body.  To touch, to taste.  To feel.  Oh, God, she wanted to feel him.  To give herself tonight to feel, to enjoy.  To live. 

“Did you ever want something you knew you shouldn’t have,” she asked, her words so soft they almost disappeared in the sound of the surf.  She traced her fingertip over his lower lip, then sighed and met his eyes.  “Something you knew you’d be better off not even considering, but were so tempted by?”


Figured.  Alexia laughed helplessly, dropping her forehead to his shoulder and closing her eyes. 

“But I know what it’s like to want someone that bad,” he said quietly, his voice so intense she had to raise her head to look at him. 

He shifted, sliding his hands in a whisper-soft caress up her cheeks, then tunneling his fingers into her hair.  Cupping her head just above her ears, he tilted it back just a little and stared deep into her eyes.

Alexia shivered.  Her heart skipped, then tumbled over itself trying to catch up. 

His gaze was hypnotic.  Penetrating.  The moonlight glowed, glancing off his cheekbones and giving him an otherworldly air.  Like he was straight out of one of her fantasies, sent by the universe as a reward for her being such a good girl for so long.  A chance to be bad again for just a tiny little bit of time, and then she could go back to being on her best behavior. 

She wanted Blake, and this feeling between them.  His hands skimmed through her hair, fingers tangling softly in her curls.  This delicious, overwhelmingly intense feeling of excitement.  Her body hummed, her senses went on hyper-alert.  It was as if each touch of his fingers was amplified, exciting her more than she’d ever been before.  More than she’d even imagined.    

“Shouldn’t we talk about this?” she asked, desperately trying for sane and practical.  “Make sure we know what we’re doing?”

“Babe, I promise you, I know what I’m doing.”

Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy romances since her first Harlequin Blaze hit the shelves in 2007.  A fan of Johnny Depp, cupcakes and color coordination, she spends a lot of her time shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking and hanging out on Facebook. 
Readers can check out Tawny’s books at her website or join her Red Hot Readers Club for goodies like free reads, complete first chapter excerpts, recipes, insider story info and much more.  And for a limited time, she has a few open spots on her Street Team

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Making Time with Kayelle Allen

I'd like to thank Tonya for allowing me to hang out on her blog today. She heard I had a new book out, and asked if I'd like a spot. Okay -- I begged her and she finally relented, but that's as close to the truth as I'm getting without a lie detector. (Can you tell that my books have humor in them? Thought so.) So I started thinking what I would write about, and I was so busy that it was hard to come up with something. Then it occurred to me -- I needed to write what I know. Which is how to handle being super busy.

Now, I didn't write the book on being busy, but I understand it. My Twitter bio says "I run Marketing for Romance Writers, the Romance Lives Forever blog, and The Author's Secret. I also sleep, eat, and write. Not at the same time. Usually." People who know me wonder how I get so much done. I'm not a human whirlwind. I just have priorities, and make time for them. Everything else will either take care of itself or wait. I've learned it's okay to let opportunities go, and let some details fall by the wayside. I only have one life, and I refuse to live it in a hurry. It will end soon enough.

Everyone has times when there's too much going on. We snap our fingers at a microwave and wish it would hurry. We barely have time to drink instant coffee. We get to the end of the day exhausted, but feel we haven't done enough. Sound familiar? Here are three simple things I do to slow myself down. Perhaps they'll help you.

#1 Get enough sleep.
Don't laugh. If you're tired, your reactions are slower. Lack of sleep can impair your driving as severely as a glass of alchol. You can make bad decisions. You can make costly mistakes that will take you more time to correct. How much sleep you need is different for each person. A few hours more sleep will do you more good than a few hours more work. Thriller author Robert Ludlum had a line in his Jason Bourne novels that speaks to this. When everyone was hunting Jason, he found a place to hide, and grabbed some sleep. Why? As Jason put it, "Sleep is a weapon." It makes you sharper than the other guy. As an author in a competitive marketplace and world, you need that advantage.

#2 Eat healthy food.
Loading up on the sugary drinks, high-fat foods, and carbohydrate-laden foods available at most fast food places can take a toll. Think you're too busy to eat properly? Try using regular menus, or once-a-month-cooking. Create a cycle of meals and food that you rotate on a regular basis. This eliminates the need to make decisions every day about what to serve. One of the most stressful parts of the day can be deciding what to make for dinner. On days when you've pre-planned your meals, all you have to do is prepare it and serve it. No stress involved. You can make healthy fast food choices. Rather than grabbing a candy bar, try a nutrition bar. It will make a huge difference in your energy level.

#3 Spend time listening.
Let your friend, co-worker, child, or signifant other finish what they're saying and don't try to think of an answer before they're even through. Sit in a park and listen to the sounds of nature. Turn off the music. Turn off the TV. Put down the phone. Go for a walk without headphones. When was the last time it was quiet in your world? If you can't remember, it's time to seek out silence. Another advantage to listening is that you pick up ideas for stories, and see answers to problems. When you're not the one talking, it is less stressful. Listen without doing other things. You will enjoy it more.

So, if you want to slow down when you're too busy, instead of staying up a little longer, go to bed early. Pass up the junk food and have a piece of fruit and some peanut butter. Rather than multi-tasking, do one thing at a time. Slow down. You'll live longer and feel better. And in my experience, it will help you get more done.

Kayelle Allen, author of Fifty Gays of Shade
At Shady Business, the hottest gay BDSM club in town, no good deed ever goes unpunished.
The book is edited by Kiernan Kelly, with stories by Kiernan Kelly, Kayelle Allen, KC Burn, Lydian Harker, CR Guilano, Sascha Illyvich, Wt Prater, Emily Moreton, CC Bridges, Wade Kelly, CB Conwy, DC Juris, Amelia June, KC Wells, Winnie Jerome, PT Walden, and Sean Michael.
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Other books by Kayelle Allen: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, For Women Only, Wulf: Tales of the Chosen, Alitus: Tales of the Chosen, Jawk: Tales of the Chosen, Surrender Love.

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Up All Night with Kira Sinclair

I think it’s a safe statement to say that all writers are also readers.  That’s usually how we came to our love of story.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that over the years my reading time has dwindled – for some reason the kids demand to be fed and clothed and my editor likes to receive work from me on a regular basis. 


But just like before I started writing, my reading time is an escape.  It’s a chance for me to slip out of my world – both reality and the fantasies I create in my own head – and into someone else’s universe for a while.  There’s nothing better than finding a book I can’t put down and I always hope that I can give readers that same experience when they pick up my books.


Discovering a new author that I can fall in love with is the best part of reading.  I’m currently judging a writing contest, one of a few that I do throughout the year, and it never fails to yield a new voice that becomes and auto buy for me.  I often wonder how I could have missed finding the book in the first place.  How my friends could have missed it and/or not told me about it.


It’s been a long time since I’ve stayed up until dawn because I couldn’t put a book down, but I did that just the other night.  And while my eyes were gritty for the entire day, I wasn’t tired.  It was totally worth it to race to the end of the story (and then take a nap). 


So, my question is, have you discovered a new author recently that you just love?  Have you ever stayed up all night reading a book?  Do you remember it even now?  Share with us! 




The Risk-Taker

Subject: Totally buff ranger Gage Harper

Current Status: Walking wounded— both physically and mentally

Mission: Finally get the girl he could never have

Obstacle: She may just be the biggest risk he’s ever taken

All returned POW Gage Harper wants to do is forget, even if he has to let some gym rat beat him to a pulp to do it. He certainly doesn’t want to tell the tale of his heroism to the tabloids. Especially since he’s no hero…. But one journalist is determined to get the inside scoop–and she’s the only girl Gage has never been able to resist.

Hope Rawlings never took Gage’s romantic advances seriously growing up. After all, she was just his buddy, and a guy like Gage could have any girl he wanted. But now she needs his story to get her dream job in the city. And she’s willing to do anything to get it.