Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great New Reads

Times may be tough right now, but I don't ever think I can give up my love *cough addiction cough* to books and reading. I think I would go without a meal every day just for a book to read. One good thing though, if you can't always afford to buy a book and are tired of reading the books you have over and over again, most authors will offer free reads on their websites. is a great site for this. She has several stories that continue on from her published books and if you you are a NASCAR fan then you will want to read Take a Chance on Me--another free read from Abby.
Just visit one of your favorite authors website to see if they have a free read for you to enjoy.
I love the concept of email...mainly because every single day I am getting a newsletter from an author with a new release coming out. I have some great reads in store for you this week, so let's enjoy!
Leanne Banks brings us another excellent read!
TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS features a shero philanthropist and the hot accountant with linebacker shoulders assigned to rein in her generosity. The book includes wise and wicked quotes from Sunny Collins such as "Dogs are generally more devoted than men are." Visit my webpage to read more quotes and vote for your favorite quote on my message board. I’ll be drawing winners from the participants. I’m also having a chat party on Sunday, March 1 at 9pm ET and I will be holding prize drawings every ten minutes, so mark that date on your calendar! In the meantime, stay warm and be nice to yourself. Here’s my gift of a little taste of TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS. Warmly,Leanne Banks
Lori had felt guilty most of her life. Guilty for having a wealthy father. Guilty for having siblings he didn't approve of. The nasty, edgy feeling built inside her so that she couldn't sit still. "There must be some way," she ventured. "Some creative accounting way---"
"Creative accountants and their clients often end up in prison." Lori glanced at him again. She was surprised they'd sent someone so young. Except for his suit, he didn't look like an accountant, either. He was tall, with broad shoulders. His nose looked as if it had been broken, but he wasn't ugly. He wasn't handsome, either. Strong jaw, she noticed. She had the un-fun sense that he would be stubborn.
"There's got to be a way around this," she said. He placed a file of papers on the coffee table. "I'm leaving you with a copy of the will and the amount of allowance you're due for the next six years. We can meet again tomorrow," he said, the paused. "Provided you don't start any new charitable foundations or go on any shopping sprees."
She frowned at his dry tone. "I don’t like your attitude, Mr. James. I’m not sure I want to work with you. Perhaps I should call Mr. Hollingsworth about working with someone else." "Good luck," Mr. James said in a confident tone that grated on her. "Why good luck?" She demanded.
"Because everyone else said no to the job. I'm the only sap they could talk into taking you on. They're all afraid you'll turn them into mush and send their careers down the toilet." "I'm not that difficult to work with! I'm not rude or arrogant or---"
"No. You just come across as so sweet and helpless that you make men feel like they have to take care of you. They want to give you everything you ask for, everything you wish for." She didn't like the image he was painting of her. She didn't like it at all. "I'm not helpless." He cracked half a smile that didn't reach his piercing eyes. "Here's your chance to prove it." "This is a great story to get you out of your humdrum life... a hilarious and zesty story, filled with heart and vigor." Kelly Moran, Good Reviews
Carla Neggers has me really excited about the end of the month. Her new release Betrayals will hit stores.
Just click on the book to read an excerpt. And before checking out this book, be sure to read the first book of this hot new series Cold Pursuit
Oh, almost forgot. If you want 16 free reads from Harlequin to celebrate their 60th birthday then you are in luck. They have books raning from American Romance, historical, suspense, and passion. Just visit Harlequin Celebrates.
Enjoy these great reads!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Writer's Spotlight: Joanne Rock

Welcome to my favorite day of the week Writer's Spotlight Day and this week we have special guest Joanne Rock.
Three-time RITA nominee Joanne Rock turned a passion for writing into a career when imaginary characters kept her awake at night, demanding she tell their stories. The author of over thirty romances in a variety of subgenres, she enjoys writing medieval historicals and sexy contemporaries along with the occasional romantic suspense. Joanne traces her passion for all things medieval to an early brush with John Keats' poem "The Eve of St. Agnes" and a rapt fascination with the Pre-Raphaelites' depiction of medieval themes. As a writer, she enjoys supplementing her more research-intensive trips to the Middle Ages with faster-paced contemporary stories sparked by the characters she meets in real life. The move back and forth between very different story styles keeps her Muse singing happily. A former Golden Heart recipient, Joanne has won numerous awards for her stories. Her work has been reprinted in twenty-four countries and translated into nineteen languages.
To view more about Joanne Rock you can visit her website: or her Myspace page at
This list includes some of Joanne's upcoming releases:
ALWAYS READY, Blaze 3/09 A NIGHT OF WICKED DELIGHT, HQ Historicals "Undone" 3/09
THE KNIGHT'S RETURN, HQ Historicals 4/09 SLIDING INTO HOME, Blaze 8/09
Here is an excerpt of She Thinks Her Ex is Sexy
Chapter One
"Every single person in this hotel is getting it on right now except me." Shannon Leigh cradled her cell phone against one shoulder as she packed her suitcase in an exclusive Mexican seaside resort, her emotions in more disarray than her stale career. "It's like the Cupid wedding theme ran wild and infected every employee and guest in the place. I just went to hunt down more towels and even the maid is getting busy in the supply closet."
"Eeeww." Shannon's agent, Ceily, was back home in L.A. She started her day at six a.m. so Shannon hadn't felt terribly guilty about waking her at five to share the trauma of this Valentine weekend wedding from hell.
Shannon's best friend had gotten married in a romantic private ceremony in La Paz on the Baja Peninsula and Shannon was the maid of honor. Too bad she'd agreed to the Cupid fest before the best man-- her rock star boyfriend of almost a year-- had broken up with her. She'd been stuck watching him charm his way through the wedding with adoring female guests throwing themselves at his feet wherever he went. She'd been due to jet out the night before until her charter flight had to cancel for engine trouble. A situation Romero overheard during the wedding reception and publicly offered to drive her back to L.A. the following morning.
Now technically today.
How could she refuse gracefully without drawing more attention to a break up that still had the tabloids buzzing three months after the fact?
Shannon had no idea how she'd survive the long trip ensconced in a small sports car with one of the sexiest men in the known universe. And that wasn't just her opinion. Look up any VH1 poll on hot rockers and Romero Jinks topped the charts. She just wanted to get the hell out of the love-fest hotel and back to real life. Back to salvaging her imperiled career.
"Tell me about it. I was trying diligently to avoid any more romance references after the overexposure to pink roses, pink champagne and pink bridesmaid dresses. Then I have to stumble into a storage room orgy." She yanked the lemon yellow dress she'd worn to the rehearsal dinner from the closet and tossed it onto the bed, trying not to think about how long it had been since she'd had sex. Three months without Romero had been-- lonely. But even before that there'd been the fights and the nights alone in his king size bed while he made love to his damn guitar instead of her.
Their relationship had been deteriorating for months from lack of communication and-often-lack of presence on the same continent. She needed to talk and connect with him while he had long stretches of brooding alone time that fueled his music and left her frustrated. The whole precarious situation had imploded over the stupidest fight ever when he'd bought new hiking boots for his entire entourage but hadn't bothered to toss a pair in her direction.
She'd been petty to erupt about something so superficial, but it wasn't about the damn boots. She'd been tired of being a non-entity to him while he'd meant so much to her.
"You should totally report her and I don't want you using those towels." Ceily's voice cracked, no doubt because she hadn't had her morning coffee or her first cigarette of the day which, bizarrely, seemed to clear her throat.
Shannon's high heeled slipper caught in the strap of her sequined bag and she tripped, twisting her ankle. And shouldn't she know better than to march around the room in a snit? How many times had she cringed as a kid when her movie star mother threw tantrums?
To read more of this great excerpt
To purchase this book and/or other books by Joanne Rock go to
Also check out my column over at throughout the year where I will feature books by Joanne Rock and other authors and their book releases from Harlequin and Silhouette

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tonya's Tidbits

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything for Readers Day or Writer's Day this week. It has been a long one. A family friend, and another grandmother to me had to have quad heart bi-pass surgery Thursday morning. Thankfully all is well and she actually called me today around 2:30, I was shocked that she was able to make a phone call and so happy that she is doing very well. My second February column is up you can view it at: Be sure to tune in tomorrow where we will have special guest Joanne Rock. Tonya XOXO

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Author Spotlight: Kathleen O'Reilly

First and foremost let me apologize for the problems some of you have been experiencing. For some reason my blog has been having a mind of it's own. For those of you not able to view the blog or leave comments, I apologize. Now I do have confirmation that those having problems are now able to view and leave comments.
Also let me apologize for not posting anything for Reader's or Writer's Day. After barely recovering from having an ice storm we then had heavy winds, rain and hail. Causing more power outages throughout the state. My neighbor had a tree fall on her house and another had his roof buckle. Thankfully no one was hurt and no damage was done to my home.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. And what better way to celebrate than to have romance author, Kahtleen O'Reilly as our guest of honor.

Kathleen O'Reilly wrote her first romance at the age of eleven, which to her undying embarrassment was read aloud to her class. After taking over twenty years to recover from the profound distress, she is now proud to finally announce her career - a romance author. Now she is the award-winning author of nearly twenty romances published in countries all over the world. Kathleen lives in New York with her husband and their two children who outwit her daily.

You can read more about Kathleen's life by going to this link

Sadly, Kathleen doesn't have any new releases coming out in the next few months. But we will talk about one of her 2008 releases, Nightcap, published by Harlequin Blaze.

Sean O'Sullivan's claims that his family's landmark bar is the victim of City Hall shenanigans only means more work for Cleo Hollings, the mayor's number one mover and shaker. Since Sean's got her busy, she decides she'll keep Mr. Testosterone busy, too…but between the sheets. Y et sleeping with the hunky O'Sullivan isn't that simple. Everyone said Sean would be inexhaustible—even unforgettable. Nobody warned her he was lovable, too. Now other clubs' drinks taste like dust. Nothing measures up to a nightcap—with a chaser of O'Sullivan stud!

If you want to read an excerpt of this book please visit

To view Kathleen's homepage:

To purchase this book and other books by Kathleen O'Reilly visit:

Hope you enjoy!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yeah it says have a hot day!!! Looking at him, okay.
Just wanted to wish myself a Happy Birthday...and yes wanted everyone to know it was my birthday. LOL:)
Famous folks who share my birthday
Lance Berkman: (33) Power-hitting center fileder for the Houston Astros
Laura Dern: (42) Actress in "October Sky"
Cliff Burton: (47) Metallic bass player, killed in a tragic bus accident
Mark Sptiz: (59) Won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympics as a swimmer
And there are several others you can view them at: and you can even find out who shares your birthday.
Oh, and happy late or early birthday to you as well.
When is your birthday? What are some of your more memorable presents? Horrible presents? What is your dream present?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Goals

Dale JR didn't win the Budweiser Shootout!!! He led 29 laps and was close, so close, then a wreck happened, he shouldn't have been involved but as luck would have it. He wrecked out. But he qualified 10th today for the Daytona 500. Anyway on to weekly goals I did enter Chase the Dream contest...didn't win! Oh, well. There's always the next three weeks and at least I'm trying. I wrote 1,000 words Monday and Tuesday Wednesday only wrote about 334 words. Thursday and Friday I wrote over 1,000 words, so yay!!! Saturday was too busy Today, I've writtne only 23 words so far. So for next week it's the same. Post regular blogs Write 1,000 words per day and Enter Chase the Dream Contest I'm excited!!!!! I finially got a MYSPACE PAGE!!! Everyone has been on to me about this, okay I had one a few years ago. But never kept it up to date. Not sure if I will keep this one up to date or not, we'll have to wait and see. I'm getting ready to add some personal NASCAR pictures to my blog tonight. Hopefully soon, I'll remember to buy a new printer, scanner, etc, oh one with a memory card slot so I can upload my pics from my digital camera and mem card. That's all for now. Tonya XOXO

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Author Spotlight: Jennifer Lewis

Today is a day I have been waiting for all week. It's my weekly author spotlight day and today I have none other than Jennifer Lewis. Jennifer writes romances for Silhouette Desire. You can get her latest novel, Millionaire's Secret Seduction, out this month. Jennifer says she has been telling stories since she was born. She started out drawing penniless but plucky Cinderella heroines. She moved to London with her family when she was six months old and didn't move back to the states until she went to college. For more of Jennifer's bio visit: If you would like to contact Jennifer Lewis, she loves hearing from her fans you can send her an email: But today we are going to talk about her March release. THE HARDCASTLE PROGENY: IN THE ARGENTINE’S BED By Jennifer Lewis March 2009 from Silhouette Desire It was just one "simple" mission—find out whether a winemaker in Argentina was a New York millionaire's long-lost son. But Susannah Clarke quickly learned Amado Alvarez played by his own rules. He'd give her the DNA sample she wanted—if she spent the night with him! And in a moment of madness, she'd given in, to his demand and to her own desire. Now she had to return to South America to face this compelling, sensuous man again—and to face the consequences of that one unforgotten, unforgettable night in a stranger's bed…. Here’s a scene from the middle of the book, when Amado comes to New York to meet his new-found family—and to stir up trouble with Susannah… “Your turn.” “I don’t know how to tango.” “No matter.” He held out his hand. “Seriously, I’ll look like a fool.” “If you dance, you might look like a fool. If you sit there in your chair and miss all the fun, everyone will know you’re a fool.” His eyes glittered a challenge She rose to her feet, damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. Amado hooked his arm around her waist, and practically carried her onto the small dance floor. Already at least fifteen other couples swirled to the music. “But I…” Amado silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Don’t think. Just listen to the music.” He leaned in close, his breath hot on her ear. “Listen to your body. Dance with me.” Her belly tightened in response to the sensual rasp of his voice. She drew in a shaky breath. Her black wrap dress had a long slit down the back, and he slid his fingers inside it. Her eyes widened. Surely he didn’t want the others to know they were intimate? He pulled her close until her body was almost crushed against his. Almost. A scant half-inch of superheated space separated their hips. He inclined his head until his cheek was almost touching hers and she could anticipate the slight roughness of his skin. He took her other hand and held it lightly in his, then he stepped forward, into her. Instinctively she stepped back, and he turned, whirling them half around. Then he stepped back. His hand on her waist pulled her with him, and she placed her toes between his. Forward and back, around, his hands and the movements of his feet guided her through the throng of dancers. The music, taut and rhythmic, strung the air with tension. It thrummed in her body as time and again she stepped into Amado’s embrace, anticipating his body heat. Then he pulled away, leaving a tiny ache. He drew her with him, leading her on a sensual journey that never quite reached its end. Occasionally he did one wicked move where he stepped between her legs, parting them, overtly sexual. Then he would step back and draw her into an elegant turn, as if nothing had happened. Energy snapped between them, stinging her skin with adrenaline and tightening her nipples inside her thin dress. I’m dancing. Astonishment rippled through her as they moved across the floor, weaving through the elegant tangueros like they did this every night. It felt as complicated, as astonishing, as natural as… Sex. The song ended. Susannah’s heart pounded as Amado lifted her hand and kissed it. The perfect gentleman. He led her back to the table without a word, giving her nothing but the sight of his arrogant profile. Susannah sank into her chair, aching with freshly inflamed desire. Available in ebook and paperback Hop over and purchase these great books from Jennifer Lewis. Tonya XOXO

Friday, February 6, 2009

Author Responsibility

I belong to RWCList, it's a yahoo group for romance writers. It's an extremely helpful list. Sometimes the topics can end up on the controversial side and it becomes a heated debate. But that's the great thing about America, we can debate until we are blue in the face if we wish too. But in the end we all still get along as much as we can and help each other out when needed. The conversation this week has been about the use of CONDOMS in a romance novel. I haven't responded to any of the debates yet. Honestly, at first I wasn't sure what I thought about the use of condoms. I mean it's a responsible thing to do in your life to keep from getting an STD or having an unwanted pregnancy. But in a romance novel? Do we really want to add that ick factor of after the lovemaking session. As Monica Burns pointed out on the loop and at her blog after sex the condom has to come off. I know I have read many books where a condom wasn't mentioned and I have read many books were a condom was mentioned. I'll admit I have never read a love scene and thought "why didn't the author mention the use of a condom?", and I have never read a love scene and thought "why did they mention a condom?"!!! I have read two of Nora Roberts books I can think of off the top of my head Montana Sky and High Noon. In Montana Sky the hero, Ben loves the heroine, Willa and he wants to take care of her. In his mind he has been with many woman and this is Willa's first time. He doesn't want to do anything to harm her. So, he's taking care of her. In High Noon, the hero and heroine have sex and no condom is used, but afterwards the heroine points out that next time they have to be careful. I think this is on her mind because she is a single parent. She has a daughter and although the daughter's father is alive, he's barely in the picture. I don't think she wants to take the chance of having another child with a man who won't help take care of the baby. If the book calls for it then it should be used, but if not then no. We do want to escape when we read a romance novel. Yet we want it realistic as well. If it's too unbelievable, we can't lose ourselves. What do you think as a writer? Do you include condoms in your love scenes? What do you think as a reader? Do you like to read a story that uses condoms? Or would you rather a condom not be mentioned? Tonya XOXO

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reader's Addiction

"I've traveled the world twice over, Met the famous; saints and sinners, Poets and artists, kings and queens, Old stars and hopeful beginners, I've been where no-one's been before, Learned secrets from writers and cooks All with one library ticket To the wonderful world of books. " ~Anonymous ~
I went back and counted the books that I read during the month of January, shocked myself, which I do reviews for several sites as well as reading for pleasure. I read 9 POD books and 7 EBOOKS, that's 16 books. Talk about an addiction. And so far for this month I have finished two books from Harlequin and one EBOOK from Denyse'. I seriously think I have a reader's addiction.
If you know me then you know I love a man with an accent. If you agree you have to check out Devil of the Highlands BY Lynsay Sands. The Scottish laird may be cold and deadly, but the heat he inspires within Evelinde is untamable.

Go to for more info on this book or go to to purchase a copy of this book.

The Wild Rose Press has some good releases too this month. Such as my favorite read thus far,

"This is your lucky night. I just happen to be wearing black silk boxers." That was exactly the kind of confirmation Lydia Carmichael was looking for. Proof positive that the drop-dead gorgeous date provided by Mr. Complete Escort Services was a gigolo. All she had to do was lure that bad boy into her bed and she'd put the slimeballs out of business. But Lydia soon learned she wasn't cut out for this kind of under-the-covers work. Luke was not only hot with a capital H, he was also a considerate, caring man. As she discovered, there was a lot more beneath the surface than his sexy underwear and she found herself wanting to leave her tidy white-cotton life behind. If her secret wishes could come true, their bought-and-paid-for beginning would lead to a happily-ever-after ending that had nothing to do with money and everything to do with love. Rose PRINT ISBN 1-60154-428-6(268 Pages) Rating (spicy)
And from Kesington books we have The Nightingale by Morgana GallawayA rare glimpse into war-torn Iraq—where a woman must choose between honoring the customs of the past and her own hopes for the future. Morgana Gallaway’s compelling debut novel offers a side of Iraq you won't see on CNN. “A powerful story.”—Laura Fitzgerald for more info on how to purchase this book and to find other great books to read.
J.D. Robb AKA Nora Roberts has a release coming out February 24, 2009. Promises in Death.
Click this link to read an excerpt:
These are some great reads for this month and I can't wait to get my hands on them. Once you read them comment back and let me know what you think of them. Also remember to check out my column as well for great reads from Harlequin and Silhouette.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tonya's Tidbits

YAH, my column is up today. Head over and check it out for some exciting Harlequin news and books to read for the month of February. I do need a new picture up, the pic is like 6 years old now and my hair is longer now...FYI: pic to the right:) LOL Tonya XOXO

Monday, February 2, 2009


Denysé Bridger, who is a friend and someone who is published. You may have read some of her work or you may have worked with her through Absolute X-Press, she is the Acquisitions Manager/Editor-in-ChiefAbsolute XPress, Romance Division. Today she sent me and email, here is what it said: The reviewers at The Long and the Short of It have selected the books they consider the best of 2008. This year, one of the books or stories awarded a "best book" rating by our reviewers will be chosen by our readers as "Best Book of 2008 Your story, Blood Wine and Pale Roses, is one of the choices and we thought you would like to know. The Best Book of 2008 poll will run from Monday, February 2, though Saturday, February 14. You can find the information here: (starting Monday, February 2) Winners will be announced on The Long and the Short of Its front page on Monday, February 16 and the winning author will receive a banner from our site announcing the award. romantic fiction one "Happy Ever After" at a time! You can click on the above link and vote for her book. Please do vote!! Tonya XOXO

My Ramblings

“I find that when you have a real interest in life and a curious life, that sleep is not the most important thing.” ~Martha Stewart~ Martha Stewart is celebrating her 500th show today! She brought back Bill Clinton, which was great. I love him and all that he is doing to make a difference. I remember when he show started back in what 2005. I was excited. I also remember when Ellen's show started. She did that whole Justin Timberlake thing to get him on her show. Was it 2002 when her show started? Can't really remember, but I remember. I also think Jennifer Aniston was one of the first guests. I entered 1,000 word for Chase the Dream Contest. So, I accomplished one goal for this week! Yah me:) I just need to figure out which next 1,000 words I will send next week. I buy a copy of Woman's World every week, there are some weeks I miss it, but my neighbor, Jerri, she buys them as well. She's the one who got me hooked on these magazines. They have this beautiful Angles Story in the magazine. It's where someone has touched your life whether they are gone or still here. It's beautiful. They have a section Boy was my Face Red! It's really funny to read, because who can't relate to that!! But the very first thing I flip to every week is the Romantic Fiction page and read that first. I love these stories. So much happens in 800 short words. I never really thought about writing a short piece for this magazine. But one of my Yahoo groups got talking about this and I love these storied, I thought I might give it a try. I emailed them this morning and just a few minutes ago I received a copy of their submission guidelines. They pay really well too, might as well say one dollar per word. If your 800 word story is published you earn 800 dollars. It's going to be a challange for me. As you can tell by my posts, I really write a lot and have a lot to say. My column still isn't up yet, no biggie. Sometimes it's a couple of days into the month before it does go up. The girls have a lot of editing and columns and reviews and interviews to post. So within the next couple of days I look for it being up and ready. I finished reading two great books last week, I will be writing a review for Fresh Fiction as well for these books. Millionaire's Secret Seduction BY Jennifer Lewis and The Man She Married BY Ann DeFee. I recommend them as a great read. They were January releases so I would buy them at before they run out. If you noticed to the right I added some features, my TBRP for 09, and Author Spotlight Days. This Saturday will be Jennifer Lewis. I'm really excited about that. She's a great writer and has a new release in March, which will be featured this Saturday and on my March column. Tonight is a good night for TV, well at least one show I can think of. CSI:Miami is back with a new episode. It looks really intense and there was a rumor that Kalli Ducane would die off the show. I think it might be real from what tonights show has in store for us. It comes on at 10:00PM, you should really check it out. I'm still floating on cloud 9 with my Superbowl Victory! Okay, well I guess it really wasn't me who won it. But you know what I mean! Can't wait for next season, but I do have something to keep me occupied. NASCAR starts next weekend. Daytona 500, February 15. Go Dale JR.



All Things Good

Vince Lombardi said: "It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up." I thought this quote appropriate since today was a big football day and the thropy the Superbowl Champs win is called The Vince Lombardi Thropy. Yes, my team won. I was so happy, I'm still really happy. It was close with 5 minutes to go and the Cardinals had 3 points on us, but Big Ben stuck it out and threw the winning touchdown pass to Santino Holmes. Heath Miller, who I think is really underrated as a player did an amazing job tonight on the offensive end. He protected Ben and helped make some big plays. The MVP was no other than deserving, number 10, Santino Holmes. He's been a great player all year, making those big plays that have helped the Steelers win through the Playoffs and now the Superbowl. The final score was 27-23 with only 36 seconds remaining, but with only a couple of seconds left the Steelers got possession of the ball once again. I have a Valentine's Day Poll to the right, please vote. It's for fun!:) Now onto my goals for the upcoming week:
  • Write 1,000 words per day
  • Write 1st March Column for Tonya's Tidbits
  • Enter 1,000 words to Chase the Dream Contest for this week
  • Prepare next week's CTDC entry

My first column isn't up today, with it being Sunday. I figure it will be up tomorrow, as soon as it is I will post the link.