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Sylvie Kaye

Please help me welcome, The Wild Rose Press author, Sylvie Kaye.
What is the most challenging part of writing the relationship dynamics of your characters? Keeping them apart. I’m a romantic at heart and want the characters to live happily-ever-after as soon as they find each other. They are fiercely attracted and will find a way to be together, but keeping them from discovering this too soon is the challenge.
What is the first element of the character that comes clear to you? Love makes the world go round. So who, what, and why they love is clear upfront.
Would you describe a typical working/writing day? What routines or rituals do you observe to get your writing done? I’m not very disciplined. I write when I have time, when ideas come (usually in the middle of the night) and if I have to. I tend to rewrite until a chapter’s polished before I can move on to the next. In the next draft lots of times I cut it or rework it again. My best trick to get writing done is to self-impose a deadline. I wish I could write faster. As a writer, what's the most difficult part of the process for you? The creating? The editing? The submitting? Writing is hard. Every stage of it—the creating, the editing, the submitting . I try to stretch with every book in some way, either plot, POV, motivation. Between online workshops, and writers’ tips, and books on the writing craft, I’m learning constantly and hopefully improving.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest release? Can’t ignore the internal editor, can we! I never read my stories once they’re in print for that reason. I’d probably want to make changes in the actual mechanics of the storytelling, but never the characters. I love all my characters.
What do you most enjoy reading? Authors…anything Sandra Brown has written! She’s phenomenal. I want to come back as her in my next life…lol! Genres…my reading is eclectic. I like both contemporary and historical romances, suspense, thrillers, mysteries, mainstream fiction, personal improvement and inspirational books, biographies. I wish I could read faster.
Is it difficult to keep the ideas fresh from story to story? Any tips or insights for upping the freshness factor? Ideas are all around. Watching and listening are the biggest tips. Eavesdropping on conversations, people watching and imagining their scenarios, news articles, relatives and friends—yours and those of your friends—acquaintances, fiancés, wives, and husbands of the people you know and their ex friends, fiancés, wives, husbands. You get the gist. Put your own twist on any of those and you’ve got an idea!
Now Sylvie would like to share a sexy excerpt from Her Maine Man

One weekend a year to bare your soul and your passion. He couldn’t believe the sweet deal she was offering. No commitment, just pure release. A deathbed promise takes Jon from his consulting desk to a remote island in Maine, where he becomes entangled with one of the loose ends. As one of the island’s first family and a target for scandal, Maddie longs to share her body and her secrets. The sexy, visiting consultant seems perfect for a clandestine, once-a-year affair—until once isn’t enough. HER MAINE MAN © Copyright, Sylvie Kaye Unedited Excerpt He leaned her up against a fairly clean sink, by mens room’s standards, and hugged her tight as he kissed her. Their lips touched like dynamite. “Hurry,” she whispered through the explosion. He kissed her harder and faster, but couldn’t pull away regardless how much she wanted him to hurry. She tasted so mind-bendingly delicious. Her body curved into his, fitting him like a glove. Her breasts crushed against his chest, sending jolts of passion to his groin, while her crotch cradled his in the most enticing manner. Blood rushed to both of his heads. His brain throbbed and his cock swelled. “Hurry,” her gravelly whisper instructed him while she yanked his shirttails from his waistband. Could she want him to hurry and do what he thought she wanted him to do? What his dick begged him to do. “Maddie, hunee,” he murmured against her lips, awaiting further instructions. He didn’t want to scare her off if she didn’t mean for him to hurry with more than the lingering kiss. “Tkdwnyrpantz,” she mumbled into his mouth. Did she just tell him to take down his pants? She must have. She was fumbling for his fly. He helped her out by unzipping, while she hiked up her pretty purple skirt. “Hurry up,” she coached yet again. Yes, she wanted what he wanted all right, and his erection did a happy dance. When he hitched her buns higher on the slick porcelain sink, liquid soap splurted over his wrist and her back, but she didn’t seem to notice. She grabbed at his butt and pulled him closer, her arm squirting more sterile hand soap around, while her fingers tightened their grip on his ass. His cock bumped against her moist heat, but her panty-covered crotch denied him entrance “Wait.” He fumbled for quarters and plunked them into the condom machine. “Convenient, huh?” She laughed deep in her throat, but as soon as he was protected, her mouth became demanding. “Now.” He shoved the crotch of her silky panties aside and entered her. She felt so damn good. She was tight and wet and torturously in a hurry when he desired to go at it slow. Enjoy every twitch of her muscles and tremor of her flesh. “Faster.” The woman wasn’t shy with her directives. But he didn’t care. He was in control of the action. He braced his hand against the chrome hand dryer so he had better mastery of his hips as he drove into her slickness with a steady, rocking rhythm. A blast of hot air shot at him, but it didn’t stop him. He figured he wouldn’t be here long enough for third degree burns. His other hand he butted against the mirror for additional support. If they got busted for performing indecent acts in a public restroom his fingerprints would be all over the place. “Faster,” she gasped, digging her fingers into his back while her kickass sneakers urged his butt on. Between her cries to speed things along and the hot dryer burning the palm of his hand, taking her slow and easy didn't seem much of an option. His desire to give her whatever she needed along with his fear of her changing her mind about meeting next year urged him on further and faster. He pumped his hips for all he was worth.Closing her eyes, she tossed her head back. He dropped his forehead onto her sternum, driving hard and quick. She moaned louder and then lower and panted for air. Her fingers no longer grated his back, but massaged it lightly. Her whopper sneakers stopped smacking his behind. She was done. So he went for the mother lode and unloaded with two more pumps. “Very convenient,” she said afterward when he unpeeled the latex and flushed it down the commode next to the sink. She swiped at his penis with some toilet tissue, then zipped him up.

Sylvie has just signed a new book with TWRP, Loving Jilly, here is your first sneak peak.

Jilly is a New Orleans daycare aide by day and by night an errand-running caregiver to the three quirky aunts who raised her. What Jilly doesn’t have time for is a man who wants more than she can spare. When she hires a soulful carpenter who’s willing to take his time, he fixes more than she bargains for.

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One of my Fave Authors Valerie Mann

I just had to share this with you...
When ER nurse Kelly Donovan meets sexy firefighter Nick Barrantes at her sister’s annual summer party, the sparks fly. Famous for its games, this year’s party includes Hide & Seek and Kelly is determined to find a cozy place to hide with Nick. Trapped in a closet together during the game, neither Kelly nor Nick anticipates the sizzling passion that flares between them. However, Kelly can't help but wonder if this is one game she'll lose to her heart...
Rated Rosette (35 pages)
Excerpt: I wandered over to Jen and nudged her with my hip. “Hey.”
“Oh, good, you’re finally here,” she said by way of greeting. “Can you finish this while I bring out the paella?” Without waiting for an answer, she set the knife in my hand and headed for the house. As an afterthought, she twirled back around. “Oh, hell, I’m such a bad hostess! Kelly, this is Nick Barrantes. He’s the new guy in the fire department. Nick, my sister, Kelly Donovan.”
Then she was gone, leaving me to make small talk with a stranger. I looked up. Way up. And all of a sudden, small talk with this particular stranger was no hardship whatsoever. Holy smokes, the guy could haul my body out of a burning building anytime. Nick Barrantes had to be the biggest, baddest firefighter I’d ever seen.
“Hey, Nick.” I set down the knife and stuck a hand out, which he immediately dwarfed in a gentle but no-nonsense grip. My eyes rose back up to meet his and my heart skipped a beat. Maybe two.
I didn’t feel that romance novel “electric shock” when we touched, my knees didn’t go all jelly roll on me, nor did everything in the immediate vicinity black out until only he and I existed in the universe. But when our eyes met, I felt an instant connection to him and when his grasp tightened for a second, I knew he felt the bond, too. I stared in awe at his male beauty. Brush-cut black hair, golden skin and deep brown eyes rimmed with thick lashes—surely illegal in more than one state—stared back at me. Straight nose, square jaw and full lips, broad shoulders, thick muscles straining under a navy blue fire department T-shirt—I halted further downward assessment before I embarrassed myself.
The man was smokin’ hot.
We both took a step back and couldn’t tear our gazes from one another. He tilted his head slightly as though he couldn’t quite figure out what had just happened. And, oh happy day, when his eyes finally left mine, he didn’t make an effort to hide the fact he checked me out as well. A sexy dimple twitched near the corner of his mouth.
A dimple. Damn, I was complete toast.
Valerie got an awesome review with You Gotta Read
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Valerie has another book out with Cobblestone Press
After two decades, Lauren never expects to see her first love again, and in a foreign city, no less. Seth’s reappearance in her life stuns her even though a day hasn’t gone by without thinking about him. Though thrilled to find him again, she’s unprepared for how fast old flames of love can reignite.Seth can’t believe his eyes when he finds Lauren standing in front of him, more gorgeous than ever. Determined not to lose her, he decides a visit down memory lane is in order, and making new memories along the way.
Visit here to read a sexy excerpt and purchase the book
I am going to try to get an interview with Valerie...keep you updated and be sure to check out both of her books, you won't be sorry!!
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Paranormal Author's Fight Club

Fight Club has begun!! Please swing by and vote for my story Ancient Awakenings. It's the first story on the blog and it's up against The In Crowd, so pick your fave by clicking on Take Survey!!
Noble Romance Publishing asked to see my full happy about that, that's never happened to me before:-)

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Halloween Myths and Legends

My entire life I have been fascinated by my Irish heritage and Halloween. I think that’s why I love writing paranormals so much. I am going to share some of my families Halloween traditions along with some myths and legends about All Hollow’s Eve and Halloween from Ireland.
The Ivy Leaf: Each member of the family places a perfect ivy leaf into a cup of water and it is then left undisturbed overnight. If, in the morning, a leaf is still perfect and has not developed any spots then the person who placed the leaf in the cup can be sure of 12 months health until the following Halloween. If not.....
The Pumpkin: Carving Pumpkins dates back to the eighteenth century and to an Irish blacksmith named Jack who colluded with the Devil and was denied entry to Heaven. He was condemned to wander the earth but asked the Devil for some light. He was given a burning coal ember which he placed inside a turnip that he had gouged out.

The tradition of Jack O'Lanterns was born - the bearer being the wandering blacksmith - a damned soul. Villagers in Ireland hoped that the lantern in their window would keep the wanderer away. When the Irish emigrated in millions to America there was not a great supply of turnips so pumpkins were used instead.

If an owl looks in your window or if you seeing one in the daylight bad luck and death will bestow you.

At one time salt was a rare commodity and thought to have magical powers. It was unfortunate to spill salt and said to foretell family disarray and death. To ward off bad luck, throw a pinch over your shoulder and all will be well.

Sparrows are thought to carry the souls of the dead and it is believed to bring bad luck if you kill one.

If you spot a spider on Halloween than that is the soul of a loved one watching over you. (Maybe this should remind me not to be terrified of them…yuck!!)

If the flame of a candle flickers and then turns blue, there's a spirit in the room.

If a bird flies through your house, it indicates important news. If it can't get out, the news will be death.

If you feel a chill up your spine, someone is walking on your future grave.

A person born on Halloween will have the gift of communicating with the dead.

A bat in the house is a sign of death. OR a bat got in your house because a ghost let it inside.

If a bird flies towards you, bad fortune is imminent.

If your palm itches, you will soon receive money. If you itch it, your money will never come.

Crows are viewed as a bad omen, often foretelling death. If they caw, death is very near.

Many Romans wore lucky charms and amulets to avert the "evil eye."

If a person experiences great horror, their hair turns white.

A hat on a bed will bring bad luck.

The superstition of knocking on wood for good luck originates from pagan beliefs in regards to trees.

Do you have a favorite Halloween Myth of Legend to share? Or perhaps a tradition from your family? Hope everyone is having a spooky month... Tonya

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What's Going on in October!

Romance in the Backseat's "Paranormal Author's Fight Club" started on Thursday, October 1, 2009. All 8 writers involved received a paragraph on Thursday, now it's up to us to take that paragraph and write 1,000 words that will awe the reader. I'll post the link up here when it's voting time!! I just finished reading Zero Control by Lori Wilde. She's one of my favorite Harlequin Blaze authors. And this story is part of a three-book series. It's a great read. It's about Eros which is an adult retreat, where your every fantasy is their desire. And their is some sexy historical role-play you won't want to miss. You'll have to check out my November Tonya's Tidbits to see my exclusive interview with Lori Wilde about Zero Control and this series. She's also provided a very sexy excerpt for us. I am still in training with for becoming the new NASCAR editor. It's got a lot more work to it than I first figured, but I still have two weeks before the site launches and is officially open for business once again. I received an email yesterday from Class Act Books asking me to be a copy editor. I love editing and it's really exciting to me. What's more exciting is I was contacted by Class Act Books. My website is close to being finished. I like the layout, I'm not completely happy with it, but it's classy and professional and easy on the eyes, which is a must. It's also easy to navigate. I still can't believe it is October and 28 days away from Halloween, which is my favorite Holiday. In celebration of Halloween I am going to be sharing some myths and legends about Halloween over the next few weeks. So, check back often. Thanks for stopping by it's going to be a busy month! Tonya