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An Interview with Inspector Turtan's Beautiful ALIEN wife Yaneta(Yani) with John B. Rosenman

Kingdom of the Jax, the sequel to Inspector of the Cross

An Interview with Inspector Turtan’s beautiful alien wife Yaneta (Yani)

1. Tell us about yourself.  You’re a Cen, right?  A member of the enemy.

That’s right.  And my people hate Turtan.  For four thousand years he’s been our greatest enemy, traveling on ships in suspended animation in search of weapons and devices that could be used against us in the war.  If it weren’t for him, we would have conquered your species long ago.

2. So why did you marry him?

It was the logical thing to do, and my race is logical.  We captured Turtan and hoped to recruit him to our cause and then clone him, to seed the stars with duplicate Turtans.  But he is the humans’ greatest hero, their greatest knight and clever beyond description.  By the time I shared his bed and company a few times . . . well, I began to fall in love with him.

3. Fall in love with him?  Was that the logical thing to do, especially if it led to betraying your own people?

I know, I know.  But you don’t know this man!  Turtan opened my eyes, he made me feel.  He made me love.  For the first time, I experienced emotions and sexual passion and desire.  With other people, I quickly reached their limits, but with Turtan, I always found I had only just begun. I was always just beginning a journey with him.  It was an adventure just to hold his hand.  Once he gave me a Bible he didn’t even believe in, and the description of a savior I found in it resembled him so closely because he wanted to save his people.  Yet he would have scoffed at the comparision.  Each time, when he made love to me, he made me new all over again.  I became so much more than I was before.

4. This is getting awfully poetic for a Cen.  

I concur.  We are radically different from you humans.  We live for three hundred years.  I’m well over six feet tall with golden, multi-prismatic eyes and long blonde hair that writhes like snakes in the air when I get excited.  My body moves far faster than yours and is three times as efficient. And, as I’ve said, we aren’t troubled by emotions.  We’re rational.

5. So rational you not only continue to forgive Turtan for killing so many of your people, like he did your own Emperor, you’ve joined humans and help him do it.  How can you do that?

[A long pause.]  Sweetie, if you met the man just once, you’d understand.

Short Excerpt
 Yaneta was right.  When he woke up to her kissing him thirty-one years later, he liked it very much indeed, especially since her kisses soon grew into something more.  As the needles withdrew, he knew they should follow protocol and practice reintegration exercises (however, their current exercises appeared to be an admirable substitute!), and they should rush to the bridge to see how close they were to their destination, or even if their destination still existed.  Only as Yaneta mounted him for the second time and began undulating in interesting and creative ways, any thoughts of duty uncharacteristically left Turtan’s mind.   
 After a while, he tipped his loving Cen adversary over and rose on top.  The war continued, with the Cross now ascendant.  Yaneta grew sleek, slippery, and supple beyond belief.  She kissed every centimeter of his body, though he didn’t know how.  Next she tossed him over in a friendly revolt and coaxed yet another orgasm forth where he’d thought only exhaustion remained.
 “My God,” he gasped, “did you inject me with an aphrodisiac?”
 “Natural pheromones,” she said.  “Very mild.  By the way, how is your shoulder?”
 Oh yes, a ricochet at the station had given him a nasty burn.  During their lovemaking, he’d forgotten.
He twisted to examine the wound.   “It’s almost gone.  How—Oh.”  He remembered her licking it.
 “I just wish I could lick away your past,” she said.  Her hands slipped down, cupping and coaxing his buttocks.  “Come on, take us to paradise again.”
 He huffed and puffed.  “I’m too old for this.  Even older than Methuselah.”
   “Who’s he?”
 “Check your Bible.”
 “Check this.”
 She moved her hands.  
 “God,” he said.  “Holy—”
 “See what I mean about the hands of some Cen females?  Believe me, they can work miracles.”
 Turtan sucked in his breath.  Before him the doors of paradise not only opened, they yawned wide.

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My New Blog

Tonya's Book Shelf 

I read so many books and on occasion I post reviews on this blog. I also love to have authors drop by and leave posts, book spotlights, etc. I am also a published author trying to promote my own work. 

I feel it's time to separate the two. 

On this blog, Tonya's Ramblings, I will continue to have Author Spotlight Days every Thursday and Saturday. I will blog about my journey as an author and so much more.

For my book reviews, contest, cover reveals, and new releases I will be posting at Tonya's Book Shelf

Hope to see you there!


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A Great Quote From Being Me

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones breaks top 100 in Amazon sales

A Taste of Summer Camp

Thanks to Kayelle Allen and Marketing for Romance Writers for an amazing opportunity to participate in this event!! Because of this my post has landed on two front pages of online magazines! 

I am still speechless!

Didn't read the blog post, view it here

The post was on MFRW ORG front page June 11th edition, which was shared by Karen Cote, who helped but A Taste of Summer Camp yogether

Author's United front page June 12th edition

Thanks again for all the continued support from MFRW and everyone else who follows along with my writing journey!


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A Taste of Summer Camp with Chilli Rellano Casserole

Wow! It's summertime my favorite time of year! Why, you may ask? Oh, there are many reasons. I love being out in the sun, hiking, camping, playing in my garden. Most of all I love sitting out on my back patio with a great book and relaxing.
When asked to take part of this I was excited! And I tried so hard to think of recipes that would be great for 'A Taste of Summer Camp' hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers.
A book inspired my decision, which comes to no surprise if you know me at all. If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones, a suspenseful erotic romance. Full of hunger, passion, heat, suspense and desire. Kind of like the recipe I am about to share with you.
Hope this adds a little kick to your summer! If you are lacking suspense and desire, be sure to check out this book, first in the series 'Inside Out' which has been optioned to STARZ for a TV series! And it so happens, Being Me, the second book releases today!! So, it's meant to be! I am going to kick back with this hot meal and enjoy an even hotter book!
Recipe and picture curtesy of Rae!
You will need:
2 cans (4.25 OZ.) whole green chilies, you may use diced if you can’t find whole, (drained)
12 ounces Monterey Jack cheese, Needs to be shredded
3 eggs, slightly beaten
Salt and pepper to taste, don’t need much a pinch of each is all I use
2 tablespoons milk
Picante sauce for serving
In a greases 8 inch square greased glass pan, add ½ of the cheese, cut the chili so it will lay flat, layer chilies on top.  Add rest of cheese
Slightly beat eggs in a small bowl, add salt and pepper, milk, Mix then  add on top of cheese.
Cook at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until set.
Slice and serve with picante sauce or salsa.

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If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

The first book in this intensely seductive series, optioned to STARZ is on sale in anticipation of the release of Being Me, the second book Tuesday, June 11th.

It's only $3.99 at Amazon

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This is only for a limited time, so take advantage of this offer quickly!!

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Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker with Mickie Sherwood

Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - Mickie Sherwood

Mickie's Bio/Intro: 
First, I'd like to thank Tonya for allowing me to share with you today. 

Thank you Mickie for stopping by my blog today! I really love the sound of your latest release, can't wait to read it :)

I'm Mickie Sherwood.

I'm a cruise-loving, people-watching, picture-snapping baby boomer with time on her hands. So, I write sweet and spicy relationship-based mainstream contemporary romantic love stories.

My love stories star a more mature heroine. Their ages range from thirty-something to forty-something. I'm contemplating bumping that up a notch in future storylines.

Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker has a forty-something heroine, and something else that I love to see—a customized 18-wheeler, driven by a cowboy trucker. (Take a look at my blog to see a few 18-wheelers that rule the road.)

The intrigue doesn't get any better than that. How about you? What are your feelings about mature heroines? Cowboy Truckers?

Widow Veronica Torres needs something desperately—invisibility. Escaping the clutches of her conniving brother-in-law and traveling incognito in the RV she traded for online sets her on a collision course with her new destiny, and a barreling fiery-red 18-wheeler.

Trucker Mike Masterson steams at the close call. First, he nearly sideswipes her. Now, she ends up at the same rest stop with mechanical trouble. Maybe, she deserves to sweat it out in the June heat since she has the attention span the size of a pea. But, the child in her company deserves better. What else can Mike do besides cart them to his garage for repairs?

Will their burgeoning relationship ignite more fireworks than the upcoming Fourth of July celebration? Or will the sparks of six nights and seven days of summertime sizzle—fizzle to an end?

Veronica approached the door and immediately remembered the rattletrap sounds from earlier. She decided to steal a look at the situation. 

But first, she kneeled in front of her son for an eye-to-eye chat. “Sammy, Mama’s got to check the roof.” She stepped into the RV for something to hold his and Bingo’s attention for a while, and came out with a big red ball. Strapping the dog leash around his wrist, she instructed, “I want you and Bingo to stay right here and play. Can you do that for me?”

“Where are you going?”

She recognized the tremor in his voice. “I’ll never leave you alone, Sam.” A humongous substantiating hug brought a smile to his face. Veronica kissed him until his giggles chimed on the wind, signifying his acceptance of what she’d said. “Stay where I can see you. Okay?”


Veronica monitored the scene, checking to see if they’d garnered any unwarranted interest, before climbing up the side ladder to the roof. Looking down on him from the top rung, she reminded Sam, “Stay put.” His acknowledgment sent her on her hands and knees along the hot metal roof, to the troublesome area. 

The lid moved easily at the touch of her hand. Screws hung in their holes, giving her the idea of tightening them with her fingers. That worked only so well, not well enough to make a tight seal. Only one thing to do. She maneuvered her way back to the ladder, peered over the edge, and almost had a heart attack.

“Sam!” She screamed his name, and he looked straight at her, then to the man sitting at the picnic table. She looked at the man, too. Veronica scrambled to grab the ladder for a fast descent. A couple of erratic steps nearly cost her dearly as she slammed hard against the side of the motor home when the ladder moved.

She readjusted her grip. “Get over here, Samuel!” she demanded between spastic heaves.

If she thought things couldn’t get any worse, she had another think coming.

A metallic noise captured her attention while she was suspended midway between heaven and Earth. Her eyes widened as she pinpointed the problem. It was the fasteners at the top of the ladder. They popped loose with a scraping sound—one at a time—while she watched.

The feeling of floating washed over Veronica as she steeled herself for impact. At the same time, she thought of her baby boy below, witnessing the scene. Several seconds passed without any pain inflicted on her body, causing her eyes to open. She still clung to the ladder although in a horizontal position, staring up at the deep blue sky, hands glued in place, rear end sagging, and her sandaled toes hooked backward over the rungs. 

She scoped out the distance left to tumble to the hard ground, finding a wonderful sight to behold. The bottom of the ladder had stayed anchored even as the metal above bent perpendicular to the RV. Veronica let go and thudded the two feet or so to the grass. She craned her neck as her concern returned to Sam, who, by that time, stood next to her with tears in his eyes. Bingo showed appreciation for the unrehearsed stunt by showering her with kisses.

Veronica laughed nervously.

“Okay, okay, Bingo.”

What caught the breath in her throat as she attempted to regroup were the man-size reptile-skin boots poised behind Sam and planted widely on either side of his little sandals.

“Need help?”

Veronica noticed the cocoa-brown hands clamped on Sam’s shoulders. They bore the pinkish spotted discoloration of healed burn scars. That in
itself was an insignificant matter. The sight of his grip arrested any relief she felt at overcoming her close call. Struggling to free herself from her caged position, she scraped to her feet, grinding grass stains into the knees of her jeans, desperate to come to the rescue.

“Take your hands off my son!” She attacked, reaching to snatch Sam away from his clutch.

His top lip curled under the full, neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper mustache he sported.

She backed up a few steps, never wavering under his gaze shielded by mirrored shades and a soft-looking crushable Stetson. Her own disheveled reflection in his lenses broadcast alarm, but not the uncertainty swirling in the center of her abdomen. Her butterscotch complexion deepened as she stared him down. Or better yet, up and down, for even at her five-nine height, he was still head and shoulders taller. 

 “I’ll take that as a no,” he intoned with a rumble, turned on his booted heels, and stomped away.

Louisiana Lagniappe:
I'm sure you know lagniappe means "a little something extra". Well, I have a little lagniappe for you. Take a thrill ride with Mike Masterson as he catches his first glimpse of Veronica Torres in his character interview at my blog. 

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