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A is for Alpha!

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During the month of April you will see several posts, all beginning with letters from the alphabet for the annual A-Z Blog Challenge.
This is my first year to participate and I’m excited to see what topics I come up with and other topics from other blogs.

I am running behind so today, April 4th, I will post A and B, tomorrow, April 5th, I will post C and D to catch up some! Thanks for stopping by and if you have any suggestions for future posts please comment!! 

I’m a writer, more to the point a romance and erotic writer. So A is for Alpha. In every romance/erotic novel you need an alpha male! 

A is for Alpha

What is an Alpha Male?
An alpha always knows what is best. He’s a protector, confident, sexy and importantly sexual and confident in his abilities in and out of the bedroom. And he’s always stubborn! To the point he makes your knees weak while you want to bang his head in for being ridiculously overbearing! He takes control, all the men and women around him lean on him and follow in his footsteps. He stands out, but can blend in if needed. He’s dreamy and sexy. Says the right thing, only after putting his foot in his mouth.
At least that’s what I think of when I think of an alpha.
In my opinion he is the hardest character to write…90% of the time. He’s easy to get wrong. I’ve finished a book only to realize my alpha is all wrong, by the end of the book it comes together for me, but that means going back to the beginning of the book and rewriting the alpha the way he should  be and not how I thought he should be. And in most cases that can mean rewriting several scenes and/or the entire book!

In my opinion there are two authors I know when I pick up one of their books, I am going to find the perfect alpha! He’s going to add up to everything I defined plus more…a whole lot more!

First is Sylvia Day, I love her style of writing, especially when it comes to the alpha. They add up to everything I explained and oh so much more!

One of my fave alpha’s has to be the scandalous Alistair Caulfield, from Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day.
Oh Alistair is near perfect. He’s gorgeous, flawed, very intense and sexual. He’s the guy that makes good girls go bad!

To learn more about the book and/or order it visit Sylvia’s website for this book and many other great reads!

My all time favorite author is Lisa Renee Jones, she has some serious hot alpha’s. They are flawed, but there flaws make them perfect and memorable.

The Walker Brothers! Oh, how I love these boys! They are bad boys that protect the women they love and the family that always has their back!

In Secrets Exposed we meet Lindsey, she’s strong and beautiful and stubborn. Then we meet Mark…oh Mark!! Mark Reeves is one of the sexiest men alive! He is ruthless, in the courtroom. Romantic and oh so dreamy!  You have to check out The Walker Brothers!

Be sure to check out Lisa's site for more about this book and the other books in this Tall, Dark and Deadly Series, which you can get as a boxset at AMAZON for only $2.99!

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