Sunday, October 20, 2013

That FOUR letter word that gets in the way....LIFE!!!

Hello everyone!!

Life has definitely gotten in the way the past two months! I have learned several lessons since deciding to venture out on my own into the world of Indie Publishing!

1). It's not as black and white as I first assumed. There are many grey areas, many obstacles, I didn't really prepare myself for.

2). I jumped in blindly! I didn't do my research thoroughly. I thought I knew everything I needed to know...boy who was I kidding!

3). No matter how much you plan, plot, prepare, wish, hope, pray, beg, and plead....if life is going to take over...well, it's going to take over!

I started school back August 19, 2013, to finish my nursing degree! A long time coming, and I won't be finished until May of 2015! Which really isn't that much longer to go!

I didn't realize how demanding and stressful my schedule was going to get! I'm a single mom, my son is about to turn 18 months old. So between the demands of school and managing time for my son I haven't had the time I need or wanted for writing, editing, promoting, etc. I do have major time management issues.

So what's next....

I have signed up for several writing workshops over the next few months. Another thing I have realized is I still have a lot to learn and a lot of growing as a writer to do.

I'm excited to push myself to learn better time management skills, learn from these upcoming workshops, and no matter what keep writing.

Stay tuned! I promise some great things are coming up soon!!


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  1. Hi there, Tonya. It sounds like you've piled quite a bit on your plate. Sometimes over-piling is what we have to do to make ourselves keep stumbling forward.

    My LO is 19 months old, so I can relate to finding it difficult to get anything (let alone everything) done. Determination, confidence, and a lot of caffine is what's been working for me. (Sleep would be better, but I only rest one day a week, so it doesn't fit into the other six very well--hehe.)

    Anyway, just had to drop in. I'm glad your joining in on my little blogging challenge. :)