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An Interview with Inspector Turtan's Beautiful ALIEN wife Yaneta(Yani) with John B. Rosenman

Kingdom of the Jax, the sequel to Inspector of the Cross

An Interview with Inspector Turtan’s beautiful alien wife Yaneta (Yani)

1. Tell us about yourself.  You’re a Cen, right?  A member of the enemy.

That’s right.  And my people hate Turtan.  For four thousand years he’s been our greatest enemy, traveling on ships in suspended animation in search of weapons and devices that could be used against us in the war.  If it weren’t for him, we would have conquered your species long ago.

2. So why did you marry him?

It was the logical thing to do, and my race is logical.  We captured Turtan and hoped to recruit him to our cause and then clone him, to seed the stars with duplicate Turtans.  But he is the humans’ greatest hero, their greatest knight and clever beyond description.  By the time I shared his bed and company a few times . . . well, I began to fall in love with him.

3. Fall in love with him?  Was that the logical thing to do, especially if it led to betraying your own people?

I know, I know.  But you don’t know this man!  Turtan opened my eyes, he made me feel.  He made me love.  For the first time, I experienced emotions and sexual passion and desire.  With other people, I quickly reached their limits, but with Turtan, I always found I had only just begun. I was always just beginning a journey with him.  It was an adventure just to hold his hand.  Once he gave me a Bible he didn’t even believe in, and the description of a savior I found in it resembled him so closely because he wanted to save his people.  Yet he would have scoffed at the comparision.  Each time, when he made love to me, he made me new all over again.  I became so much more than I was before.

4. This is getting awfully poetic for a Cen.  

I concur.  We are radically different from you humans.  We live for three hundred years.  I’m well over six feet tall with golden, multi-prismatic eyes and long blonde hair that writhes like snakes in the air when I get excited.  My body moves far faster than yours and is three times as efficient. And, as I’ve said, we aren’t troubled by emotions.  We’re rational.

5. So rational you not only continue to forgive Turtan for killing so many of your people, like he did your own Emperor, you’ve joined humans and help him do it.  How can you do that?

[A long pause.]  Sweetie, if you met the man just once, you’d understand.

Short Excerpt
 Yaneta was right.  When he woke up to her kissing him thirty-one years later, he liked it very much indeed, especially since her kisses soon grew into something more.  As the needles withdrew, he knew they should follow protocol and practice reintegration exercises (however, their current exercises appeared to be an admirable substitute!), and they should rush to the bridge to see how close they were to their destination, or even if their destination still existed.  Only as Yaneta mounted him for the second time and began undulating in interesting and creative ways, any thoughts of duty uncharacteristically left Turtan’s mind.   
 After a while, he tipped his loving Cen adversary over and rose on top.  The war continued, with the Cross now ascendant.  Yaneta grew sleek, slippery, and supple beyond belief.  She kissed every centimeter of his body, though he didn’t know how.  Next she tossed him over in a friendly revolt and coaxed yet another orgasm forth where he’d thought only exhaustion remained.
 “My God,” he gasped, “did you inject me with an aphrodisiac?”
 “Natural pheromones,” she said.  “Very mild.  By the way, how is your shoulder?”
 Oh yes, a ricochet at the station had given him a nasty burn.  During their lovemaking, he’d forgotten.
He twisted to examine the wound.   “It’s almost gone.  How—Oh.”  He remembered her licking it.
 “I just wish I could lick away your past,” she said.  Her hands slipped down, cupping and coaxing his buttocks.  “Come on, take us to paradise again.”
 He huffed and puffed.  “I’m too old for this.  Even older than Methuselah.”
   “Who’s he?”
 “Check your Bible.”
 “Check this.”
 She moved her hands.  
 “God,” he said.  “Holy—”
 “See what I mean about the hands of some Cen females?  Believe me, they can work miracles.”
 Turtan sucked in his breath.  Before him the doors of paradise not only opened, they yawned wide.

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