Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reader's Day

Before we get started how is the weather where you are? Here it’s horrible outside. It’s been snowing and sleeting for a couple of days. I went outside to feed my Lab, Shadow, it looked like snow covering the earth, but once I stepped on the ground I slipped and feel on my butt. Now it looks like a skating rink in my front yard, thanks to the freezing rain. The roads are covered and slick, the yard is slick. I really hope this passes by fast and the weather warms up some. I like snow as next as the next person, but only a couple of times of the year. The rest of the time I wish it were pretty, don’t like it when things get icy and slick out. Now onto Reader’s Day fun! Any Nora Roberts fans? Her book Montana Sky was the first romance novel that I read when I was 13-years-old and have read and collected her books ever since then. Good news for fans and even if you aren’t a fan, you still can check out the next four movies that will be coming to Lifetime. When her first four aired I remember telling several people who weren’t fans of hers or who had never read or heard of Roberts. Now they are Nora Fanatics, just like me. Check out Nora’s website for more information. Any Harlequin or Silhouette fans? If so, check out my column, Tonya’s Tidbits at: You will find all of the newest releases. A new column is posted on the first and 15th of every month. Samhain Publishing has some great new releases. You can check them out at this link Here are a couple of my favorites: Sneak Peak by Jaci Burton and Shelley Bradley Oh Goddess by Gwen Hayes this is one of my favorite online publishers. They always have great releases. Check them out. Hope you found something you like today and be sure to check back on Friday for Writer’s Day. I will post something that will help all of the aspiring writers out there, and who knows maybe a few that are published. Tonya XOXO


  1. Hey Tonya. Sorry you had to start a new blog-- but this one looks great. (Wonder what was wrong with the other one?) Anyway, yeah we are having that horrible weather here too.

    ehqn is the best for readers and writers, I agree. And I of course, have to agree about TWRP.

    Glad you have this new blog.

  2. Thanks Kay for stopping by. The weather is only getting worse here, we are at a level 3, which means no one is to be on the roads unless it is an emergency.