Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steelers Victory

Oh my goodness! I am so excited! My team The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Superbowl on February 1, 2009. They went to the Superbowl in 2005 and won and I hope we bring home another win!
Check out my new column at: http://freshfiction.com/page.php?id=1450
I will be a guest blogger on March 6 for Paranormal Writers, you can check out that blog right now at: http://paranormalwriters.blogspot.com/ Make sure you check it out March 6, don't worry I will remind you about it:)
I finally got my website started, it's only the homepage right now. I am currently working on making it better right now. Hopefully by the end of the month it will be filled with lots of fun things to do and read.
I want to give a special thanks to Stacey, Kaye, Carol, Kerri and Sam for being the best critique partners a girl can ask for. Also my new critique group: Donna, Elaine, Laurie, and Pamela.
Check out Kaye's blog at http://www.kayemanro.blogspot.com/ Carol is published check out her site at: http://www.carolbraswell.com/
Pamela is also published her site is: http://www.pamelathibodeaux.com/
Her blog is http://www.pamelathibodeaux.blogspot.com/ Check them out! Oh, just a bit of info, I had a blog but it would no longer let me post on it or view it. tonyareneecallihan.blogspot.com

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