Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl Fun Facts

I was watching Martha Stewart today...her Superbowl Show! She mentioned several fun facts about the Superbowl. I decided to post 7 (in tribute of my fave team; Steelers, my fave player; Ben Roethlishberger, Quarterback, number 7) fun facts about the Superbowl, Pittsburgh Steelers, and yes, even the Arizona Caridnals. SUPERBOWL FUN FACTS:
  1. 4,500 tons of chips will be consumed
  2. Every Monday after the Superbowl there is a 20% sales increase in antacids
  3. $50 Million will go towards food during the four days of Superbowl fun
  4. The Superbowl airs in 250 countries and in 28 different languages
  5. 9th out of the 10th most watched TV program of all time
  6. 1.5 million people will call of from work Monday after the Superbowl
  7. 700,000 footballs are made for an NFL season; about 75 have been made just for the Superbowl


  1. A win however would give Pittsburgh it's 6th Lombardi Trophy - one more than the Cowboys and 49ers, who both currently are stuck on 5 titles.
  2. Santonio Holmes seems to be emulating Hines Ward's playoff success. He has scored a TD in three straight playoff games.
  3. Ben Roethlisberger improved to 7-2 in his career in the playoffs, joining Troy Aikman (7), and Tom Brady (9) as the only three quarterbacks in league history with at least 7 playoff wins in their first 5 professional seasons.
  4. Hines Ward, who had to leave of course in the 2nd quarter of yesterday's game, still eclipsed the 1,000 yard plateau in his long and illustrious playoff career as a member of the Steelers. Ward finished with 3 catches for 55 yards, giving him 74 receptions for 1,021 yards in the playoffs in just 13 games.
  5. Hines also extended his streak of catching at least two passes in every playoff game in his career. I sure wouldn't mind seeing him add some extra polish to that Hall of Fame worthy resume of his with a huge performance in the Super Bowl.
  6. The Steelers improved to 8-0 all time against divisional foes in the playoffs (Cleveland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Oilers)
  7. LaMarr Woodley now has 6 sacks in just 3 playoff games. Woodley joins elite company...wait, scratch that..Woodley becomes the 1st player in NFL history to have three straight multi-sack playoff games.


  1. The oldest continuous professional football team in America, the Cardinals have gone through many locations and names; Morgan Athletic Club, Racine Normals, Racine Cardinals, Chicago Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals, Phoenix Cardinals, and finally the Arizona Cardinals.
  2. The name of the Cardinals mascot is “Big Red”
  3. The team got its nickname Cardinals from the color of its uniforms, the uniforms in question were hand-me-down uniforms from the collegiate team the University of Chicago Maroons.
  4. During their time in St. Louis, the Cardinals were one of the few professional sports franchises to have the identical sports mascot of another professional sports team in their city.
  5. The Cardinal franchise has been in the Bidwell family since 1932
  6. This is the first Superbowl the Arizona Cardinals will make an appearnce in
  7. Dallas Cowboy great Emmitt Smith finished his career as Running Back for the Cardinals.

Be sure to watch Superbowl 43 on Sunday, February 1,2009



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  1. I'm a Steelers fan as well. I really hope they win. Great facts about the teams and the Superbowl in general. Who knew 1.5 million people called off work the next day...guess it makes sense!