Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Interview with Jess Michaels

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TC: What inspired your MMS?
JM: It was really the character of Vivien, the Mistress Matchmaker who is a driving force for the series. I knew I wanted her to meet her match in the third and final book, so it was just figuring out what kind of men and women would turn to the Mistress Matchmaker before that time.

TC: Out of the 3 books from your MMS which was the more complex to write?
JM: I think last books in any series are more complex. You have established characters making appearances and usually a main character who's been a secondary character in previous books so you want to make sure their character rings true.

TC: Are you a night owl or early bird?
JM: Early bird. Married to a night owl.

TC: Is there a book of yours you would change or rewrite in anyway? If so, which book? What would you change and why?
JM: Nope. I'm not much for looking back in life. Every book I've written was written to the best of my ability at the time. I love them all.

TC: What's your typical day like?
JM: I tend to get up, do some email while I have breakfast. Then I have a page goal for the day, so I write until I have it done or a good portion of it done. My husband and I have lunch together, then I generally go back to work writing or work on promotional stuff or on Relay For Life stuff (I'm event chair for our local event).

TC: As a writer what is one goal you want to accomplish in 2013?
JM: Most of my hopes are not things I can control. How a book performs is really out of our control. My goal for the year is to write 5 books (most are under contract already) and do everything I can to support the 8 books I have coming out at this point this year (two are paperback releases for Mistress Matchmaker books). Other than that, it's out of my hands.

TC: Is there a book by another author you wish you had written?
JM: Not really. It's sort of like the question about wanting to change previous books. My path is my path and I wouldn't want to be on someone else's. Plus, even if you gave me some other persons idea or book and told me to write it, it wouldn't end up anything like their book because my voice would be put into it instead of theirs.

TC: What's your comfort food and/or drink?
JM: I pretty much exist entirely on Vanilla Coke Zero.

TC: What can fans expect to see in the future from you?
JM: This year I have 3 new Jess Michaels books, 2 paperback releases of previous Jess books and three Jesse books out. So lots of new workl! Plus, I've just sined a new contract for more Jess books, a new series that will be out this year and next.

TC: Where can we learn more about Jess Michael's? And see more about your MMS and upcoming series?
JM: The best place is my website, and I'm active on Facebook (/auhorjessmichaels) and twitter @jessmichaelsbks
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  1. I can't wait for more Jess books! :)

    I really loved Her Perfect Match...

  2. Loved the interview, I've really enjoyed the MMS series so far, I have Her Perfect Match on my TBR, and am looking forward to adding Taken by the Duke to it as well.