Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great New Reads

Times may be tough right now, but I don't ever think I can give up my love *cough addiction cough* to books and reading. I think I would go without a meal every day just for a book to read. One good thing though, if you can't always afford to buy a book and are tired of reading the books you have over and over again, most authors will offer free reads on their websites. is a great site for this. She has several stories that continue on from her published books and if you you are a NASCAR fan then you will want to read Take a Chance on Me--another free read from Abby.
Just visit one of your favorite authors website to see if they have a free read for you to enjoy.
I love the concept of email...mainly because every single day I am getting a newsletter from an author with a new release coming out. I have some great reads in store for you this week, so let's enjoy!
Leanne Banks brings us another excellent read!
TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS features a shero philanthropist and the hot accountant with linebacker shoulders assigned to rein in her generosity. The book includes wise and wicked quotes from Sunny Collins such as "Dogs are generally more devoted than men are." Visit my webpage to read more quotes and vote for your favorite quote on my message board. I’ll be drawing winners from the participants. I’m also having a chat party on Sunday, March 1 at 9pm ET and I will be holding prize drawings every ten minutes, so mark that date on your calendar! In the meantime, stay warm and be nice to yourself. Here’s my gift of a little taste of TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS. Warmly,Leanne Banks
Lori had felt guilty most of her life. Guilty for having a wealthy father. Guilty for having siblings he didn't approve of. The nasty, edgy feeling built inside her so that she couldn't sit still. "There must be some way," she ventured. "Some creative accounting way---"
"Creative accountants and their clients often end up in prison." Lori glanced at him again. She was surprised they'd sent someone so young. Except for his suit, he didn't look like an accountant, either. He was tall, with broad shoulders. His nose looked as if it had been broken, but he wasn't ugly. He wasn't handsome, either. Strong jaw, she noticed. She had the un-fun sense that he would be stubborn.
"There's got to be a way around this," she said. He placed a file of papers on the coffee table. "I'm leaving you with a copy of the will and the amount of allowance you're due for the next six years. We can meet again tomorrow," he said, the paused. "Provided you don't start any new charitable foundations or go on any shopping sprees."
She frowned at his dry tone. "I don’t like your attitude, Mr. James. I’m not sure I want to work with you. Perhaps I should call Mr. Hollingsworth about working with someone else." "Good luck," Mr. James said in a confident tone that grated on her. "Why good luck?" She demanded.
"Because everyone else said no to the job. I'm the only sap they could talk into taking you on. They're all afraid you'll turn them into mush and send their careers down the toilet." "I'm not that difficult to work with! I'm not rude or arrogant or---"
"No. You just come across as so sweet and helpless that you make men feel like they have to take care of you. They want to give you everything you ask for, everything you wish for." She didn't like the image he was painting of her. She didn't like it at all. "I'm not helpless." He cracked half a smile that didn't reach his piercing eyes. "Here's your chance to prove it." "This is a great story to get you out of your humdrum life... a hilarious and zesty story, filled with heart and vigor." Kelly Moran, Good Reviews
Carla Neggers has me really excited about the end of the month. Her new release Betrayals will hit stores.
Just click on the book to read an excerpt. And before checking out this book, be sure to read the first book of this hot new series Cold Pursuit
Oh, almost forgot. If you want 16 free reads from Harlequin to celebrate their 60th birthday then you are in luck. They have books raning from American Romance, historical, suspense, and passion. Just visit Harlequin Celebrates.
Enjoy these great reads!

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