Saturday, February 7, 2009

Author Spotlight: Jennifer Lewis

Today is a day I have been waiting for all week. It's my weekly author spotlight day and today I have none other than Jennifer Lewis. Jennifer writes romances for Silhouette Desire. You can get her latest novel, Millionaire's Secret Seduction, out this month. Jennifer says she has been telling stories since she was born. She started out drawing penniless but plucky Cinderella heroines. She moved to London with her family when she was six months old and didn't move back to the states until she went to college. For more of Jennifer's bio visit: If you would like to contact Jennifer Lewis, she loves hearing from her fans you can send her an email: But today we are going to talk about her March release. THE HARDCASTLE PROGENY: IN THE ARGENTINE’S BED By Jennifer Lewis March 2009 from Silhouette Desire It was just one "simple" mission—find out whether a winemaker in Argentina was a New York millionaire's long-lost son. But Susannah Clarke quickly learned Amado Alvarez played by his own rules. He'd give her the DNA sample she wanted—if she spent the night with him! And in a moment of madness, she'd given in, to his demand and to her own desire. Now she had to return to South America to face this compelling, sensuous man again—and to face the consequences of that one unforgotten, unforgettable night in a stranger's bed…. Here’s a scene from the middle of the book, when Amado comes to New York to meet his new-found family—and to stir up trouble with Susannah… “Your turn.” “I don’t know how to tango.” “No matter.” He held out his hand. “Seriously, I’ll look like a fool.” “If you dance, you might look like a fool. If you sit there in your chair and miss all the fun, everyone will know you’re a fool.” His eyes glittered a challenge She rose to her feet, damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. Amado hooked his arm around her waist, and practically carried her onto the small dance floor. Already at least fifteen other couples swirled to the music. “But I…” Amado silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Don’t think. Just listen to the music.” He leaned in close, his breath hot on her ear. “Listen to your body. Dance with me.” Her belly tightened in response to the sensual rasp of his voice. She drew in a shaky breath. Her black wrap dress had a long slit down the back, and he slid his fingers inside it. Her eyes widened. Surely he didn’t want the others to know they were intimate? He pulled her close until her body was almost crushed against his. Almost. A scant half-inch of superheated space separated their hips. He inclined his head until his cheek was almost touching hers and she could anticipate the slight roughness of his skin. He took her other hand and held it lightly in his, then he stepped forward, into her. Instinctively she stepped back, and he turned, whirling them half around. Then he stepped back. His hand on her waist pulled her with him, and she placed her toes between his. Forward and back, around, his hands and the movements of his feet guided her through the throng of dancers. The music, taut and rhythmic, strung the air with tension. It thrummed in her body as time and again she stepped into Amado’s embrace, anticipating his body heat. Then he pulled away, leaving a tiny ache. He drew her with him, leading her on a sensual journey that never quite reached its end. Occasionally he did one wicked move where he stepped between her legs, parting them, overtly sexual. Then he would step back and draw her into an elegant turn, as if nothing had happened. Energy snapped between them, stinging her skin with adrenaline and tightening her nipples inside her thin dress. I’m dancing. Astonishment rippled through her as they moved across the floor, weaving through the elegant tangueros like they did this every night. It felt as complicated, as astonishing, as natural as… Sex. The song ended. Susannah’s heart pounded as Amado lifted her hand and kissed it. The perfect gentleman. He led her back to the table without a word, giving her nothing but the sight of his arrogant profile. Susannah sank into her chair, aching with freshly inflamed desire. Available in ebook and paperback Hop over and purchase these great books from Jennifer Lewis. Tonya XOXO


  1. I have never read a book by Jennifer Lewis, but I will have to now after reading his excerpt. And I'll be sure to get Millianire's Secret Seduction as well!!

  2. I love Jennifer Lewis, have been a fan for a long while now. I will defintely buy these books from her.

  3. Sorry, missed this post on Saturday. But I love, love, love Jennifer Lewis, I am so happy you have her on here. I can't wait to read her Feb, March and April releases.