Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evie Balos Interviews Hero Jovan Markovic

Hero Interview: Jovan Markovic, The Unnecessary Bodyguard

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

I finally got Jovan Markovic, the hero in my latest book, to sit down for a chat.

EB: Jovan, I’m glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to come by.

JM: It’s a pleasure, although I think this is somewhat obligatory, right?

EB: (Lol) Maybe just a bit. Okay, let’s start. What do you do for a living?

JM: I’ve got two jobs. I own a security company in Chicago and work for an organization that keeps tabs on hostile vampire activity. My mission is to find non-conformed vampires and eliminate them if necessary.

EB: What is a non-conformed vampire?<p>JM: It’s a vampire that hasn’t undergone genetic alteration through our rehab program. This kind of vampire is considered hostile because he or she feeds on human blood, which sometimes results in the victim’s death.

EB: It’s interesting because you are half-vampire yourself—a dhampir.

JM: True, but I’m the good guy. I just like blood in my steak.

EB: Do you have any conformed vampire friends?

JM: A few. In fact, a buddy of mine works for the organization.

EB: What do you like most about your work?

JM: Making our city a safer place for everyone.

EB: Do you interact with humans much?

JM: Only briefly and mostly through the security company. You see, there’s a dark side to my life that the average human can’t grasp or finds unpleasant.

EB: When was your last vacation?

JM: Don’t remember.

EB: Ah, all work and no play make someone

JM: Yeah, yeah. I’ve had that lecture before, especially from my brother Milan. I play—it’s just limited to a good team game, a fine glass of wine, and the bedroom.

EB: Mmm, that last one opens an interesting door…but I won’t go there.

JM: I appreciate that.

EB: Tell me about your first encounter with Nina Bradley.

JM: I was shadowing her for her own protection because her friend had a premonition that Nina would be attacked by a vampire. Nina wasn’t supposed to know about me, but I had to blow my cover. When she realized I was following her, she spun around clutching some keys, and threatened to scratch my eyes out. Here’s this petite woman standing up to me like a hissing cat. I was impressed.

EB: Is that all?

JM: Like I didn’t see this coming. Okay. I was gut-punched. There was an incredible connection between us, unlike anything I’d ever felt. Then I thought: there’s not an inch on this woman I wouldn’t want to explore.

EB: And what was Nina’s reaction to you?

JM: I’m almost positive she felt that connection. But she clearly didn’t want a bodyguard—was even peeved her friend had requested my services behind her back. The fact is, Nina doesn’t believe she’s in any danger of being attacked by a vampire.

EB: So where does that leave you?

JM: In a place I’d rather not be. I’m going to follow through with my assignment because I can’t risk leaving her exposed to a possible attack, so she’s not going to take it well. On top of it, I don’t like the effect she has on me. I mean, I’ve met beautiful women before, but I didn’t lose sleep thinking about them. It’s going to be damn hard to keep things professional with Nina. And, you know, someone like me would only complicate her life.

EB: Or make it more interesting? Actually, don’t answer that. Here’s an easy one: What little delight are you saving for a special occasion?

JM: I’ve got a bottle of 2005 Shiraz, Cape Mentelle, waiting to be uncorked.

EB: I hope you get to enjoy it soon, Jovan. It was great talking with you.

JM: Take care, Evie and go easy on the men in your stories...eh, unless it’s Milan. (deep chuckle)

You can find The Unnecessary Bodyguard here

Thanks so much Evie and Jovan for stopping by for this great interview. And readers be sure to check back later today for my review of The Unnecessary Bodyguard

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  1. I just came across this post. Great interview. That's Jovan alright! Loved the book and *sigh* really fell for Jovan.

    Can't wait for book two.