Friday, October 1, 2010

Exciting News!!!

Hey Guys,

Well on Wednesday I had my first pitch session with a couple of publishers. I was really nervous about pitching my story, mainly because I had never done a pitch before. I submitted a short excerpt from my story and a brief synopsis.

Well, to my surprise Secret Cravings Publishing, Senior Editor, Beth, was interested in my pitch and requested the full manuscript. I have until Monday to send it to her. This weekend will be spent going over my book.

What story did I pitch?

I have a 3 book Paranormal Erotic Romance series titled Night Pleasrues, Book 1: Night Promises, is about Connor and Kelly. Book 2: Night Seductions is about Micah and Mac, and Book 3: Night Temptations is about Cammie and Angelo.

Here is a brief overview of Book 1:

Kelly’s life has been revolved around vampires since the age of twelve, when she met a real vampire. After that she made it her life goal to research and find out as much as possible about the creatures. As she gets older the vampire she met at twelve becomes her best friend. Eventually the pair go together to open an underground club, Night Pleasures, which caters to vampires and the few humans who are associated with them.

Because of her night club her sister is murdered. Kelly blames herself and is now determined to find the person responsible. In order to find her sister’s killer, Kelly O’Keefe must work side-by-side with vampire, Connor Graham. There growing attraction for one another has kept them at arm’s length. But now that Kelly is risking her own life Connor can’t help but stick close to her side.

Connor works with his sire and best friend Micah to find Kelly’s sister, Tammy’s murderer. They are both certain it was a vampire, the body was drained of blood and reeked of vampire scent. There only problem was placing that scent with the vamp who killed her.

As Kelly and Connor work together they become closer and learn secrets about one another they never before discovered. Kelly learns about Connor’s life as a human, how he was turned into a vampire and what it’s been like for him to live for eternity. She also learns about life mates.

Not wanting to ask Connor any questions about life mates, Kelly asks her best friend, since the age of twelve and vampire Mac. Mac assures her that life mates don’t exist, she doesn’t believe a vampire can ever settle down with one person, especially a vampire. To her vampires drink blood and have multiple sex partners. And what’s the fun with settling down?

Soon Kelly realizes that Mac was only using it for a cover as she begins to realize the interaction between Mac and Micah. She believes they are life mates and only grows to believe it to be true when Connor tells her the story of the two vampires and how they have the same sire and are connected for life.

Eventually Connor and Micah find the vampire responsible for killing Tammy, they also learn he was hired by someone else to complete the job. When he refuses to give up a name they place him somewhere private and safe, hopping that once he’s hungry enough he’ll give up a name.

As time ticks by Kelly starts to feel really unsafe, she felt like the vampire who targeted her sister was warning her. But what were they warning her for? Will she ever find out why and who killed her sister?

She also knows that she has fallen madly in love with Connor, but he hasn’t expressed them having a future together. He hasn’t talked about the possibility of her turning into a vampire. Could she really have a life with a vampire?

Unfortunately the vampire Connor and Micah held captive escaped or was helped to escape, leaving everyone wondering what was going to happen next.

Other than the killers being lose everything else seems to fall into place for Connor and Kelly. They talk about there future and decide to take things as they come and see where things lead them. Connor is certain Kelly is his life mate, but Kelly is still unsure if she wants to become a vampire.

I'm not sure if I can share an excerpt or not since the publisher has requested it. I'll check on that and keep you updated on the status of my series.

Happy October,


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