Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Vampire Queen's Halloween Poetry

Witches, goblins, ghosts & black cats

Candy corn, candied apples

Carved pumpkins and painted faces

For an excellent Halloween these things do make!

The night is black as death and lingers on

Vermin eyes flash at a quick glance

Porch lights and flashlight are the only beacons

For the crowds of trick or treaters.

From atop the roof the vampire sat waiting and watching

Waiting for the straying child or parent

The one he could make his meal for tonight

For it was Halloween and he wanted a treat too!

The moonlight filled the streets with its luminescence

The sidewalks were filled with children in costumes

The houses were decorated for Halloween

The city became a mystic, magical place to be.


Impale me upon your fangs

Tear into me ravenously

Drink my blood not spilling a drop

Allow me your precious blood as well

Take me as your child, your pupil and your lover

Make me yours for all eternity.

"Sweet Awakening"

He watches her as she sleeps

The slow rise and fall of her chest

As she takes long, deep breaths

The hot and humid air temperature

Creates a steam that rises off her body

Pieces of her hair are matted to her forehead from her sweat

Yet she is still beautiful to him.

The pinkpricks on her neck heal instantly

Yet he knows where they are

And goes the same place every night

When she turns violently ill and the doctors can't figure it out

He knows what it is and he's waiting for her

Not soon enough for him, she is pronounced dead.

She rises to see him sitting in a chair with his fingers steepled and pressed to his grinning lips

They both rise together but tentatively move towards each other

They embrace each other and then go off to embrace eternity together.

"My Lover"

He moves through the shadows but you'll never see him

My Lover, my fiend

Always looking for his next victim

My lifemate, my beast

Carefully picking his prey and feeding

My kindred spirit, my vampire

Feeling the blood pump through his veins once again!

"No Longer"

Your heart no longer beats for your love or out of necessity

Your insides no longer get that butterfly feeling or any feeling at all

You can empathasize but your feelings are long gone

You no longer have the human sentiments you once had

You cannot image one loving you to the point of no return

To the point of becoming like you, the monster you believe you are

Giving themselves freely to you in every manner

You no longer wish that on anybody even if it would mean you wouldn't be alone forever.

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