Sunday, October 31, 2010

Please Welcome My Very Special Halloween Birthday Guest Lex Valentine

Halloween Blitz

It’s my birthday and I’ll talk about whatever I want! HA! Yes, Halloween is my birthday and since I’m hanging here at Tonya’s today I thought I’d just throw a whole hodgepodge of Halloween related stuff at you. Feel free to latch onto the things that interest you most and bombard me with questions in the comments. I like comments! (You do not have to wish me a happy birthday in comments. I’ve decided that maybe I’d skip this year so I don’t have to be 50.)

Anywho…GHOSTS! Everyone always asks me if I’ve seen one in the cemetery where I work. The answer is…NO. I don’t believe in ghosts so of course they aren’t going to show themselves to me. Would you show yourself to some yahoo who didn’t believe in you? I don’t think so. However, I can give you a taste of ghosts from my novella Rousing Caine which is about a ghost and a man who has given up on love.

Jason jerked his head up, staring through the glass shower door at Caine, who stood, fully clothed in jeans and a t-shirt just inside the bathroom door. A solemn, sad expression turned the ghost’s handsome face into a cool mask. A trickle of fear iced Jason’s heart.

“You don’t have to think or feel anything, Jason.” Caine took a couple of steps forward and Jason saw that he was barefoot. “I’m leaving. I shouldn’t have come here in the first place. I’m not sure why I did. I guess something in your emotions roused me, called to me. I had to come to you. But I can see now that I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry, Jason.”

Caine’s blue eyes glinted with emotion as he turned to leave, his form shimmering as it dissolved. Jason blinked as he realized he could see through Caine’s body. The force of his own emotions slammed into Jason in that instant. The trickle of fear that wrapped itself around his heart grew exponentially in the few seconds it took for Caine to reach for the doorknob with a hand that was rapidly fading.


Jason couldn’t stop himself. His heart pounded in his chest as if he’d run a marathon. His throat felt as dry as the Sahara. With jerky movements, he shut off the water and opened the shower door, striding toward Caine, whose form continued to shimmer but stopped fading. He grabbed one muscular bicep in his wet hand, thankful that the ghost was still solid enough to touch. He spun Caine around.

“Why? Just tell me why you love me,” he asked, desperate for some kind of answer, but he didn’t know what.

Caine’s blue eyes softened. “Because I heard you laugh and I couldn’t help myself. I looked up and saw you laughing with a child, the son of a customer, and… and… I just knew I loved you.” Raw, ragged emotion filled the ghost’s voice and he spoke as if he had no control over it. “I don’t know why. I just knew.”

*sigh* I just love Jason and Caine….but… next question I’ve been asked a lot about the cemetery. Have I ever had sex in the cemetery. Me? At the cemetery I work at? And risk my job? NUH UH. And in point of fact, I’ve not had sex in any cemetery. It doesn’t squick me out but it’s just not the sort of thing Rott and I would do. Especially after a dozen years together. However, that didn’t stop me from writing about sex in the cemetery on three different occasions. One is in my most recent release Sunstroked. Corey and Seth have oral sex while hidden in the trees. Another is my last release Common Ground. Cemetery owner Marius masturbates in his office while looking out the window at his mate Sair. And finally, in my very first book Shifting Winds, Declan and Elysia have sex in a mausoleum while dressed in costume on Halloween. Kinky huh? Here’s a little taste…

Their mouths slid together, tongues and lips and fangs meeting in a sensual dance while Declan pressed Elysia’s shoulders against the cold marble of the crypts. His hands tilted her hips and he pressed his cock deep within her in a single thrust. Elysia’s eyes rolled back in her head as the head of his cock hit her G spot. He held her at the perfect angle and she wondered how many women he’d fucked in this position.

Her legs wound around him, her entire weight resting on his arms. She pulled up the tank top, her full breasts rubbing against his chest. He sucked on her tongue and rotated his hips. Her clit ground against his pubic bone and she moaned. Sounds of pleasure emerged from her with every rough twist of his hips and thrust of his cock.

He tried to silence her with kisses, but she was desperate to touch him. Her mouth and hands feverishly roamed every part of him that she could reach. She couldn’t stop touching him as she rode his cock, thrusting against him, her pussy gripping him tightly, her lust swollen flesh aching for release. He nipped her throat and a loud groan escaped her.

“Holy fuck!” he whispered as he thrust into her. She instinctively clamped down on his pistoning cock at his words, making it even tighter for him.

Another moan burst from her, but this time it was punctuated by the sound of footsteps echoing in the distance. Elysia blinked up at Declan. They couldn’t stop now! She grabbed his hood and pulled it down over his head. He leaned into her body, the black robe covering most of her. Declan bent his head to her face, taking her mouth in a deep kiss, the hood concealing both their faces.

The footsteps drew closer, but filled with adrenaline and lust, Elysia ignored them, pushing herself against Declan’s hard body. The sound of his rough breathing filled her ears and she moaned again as he flexed within her. His pelvis rocked against hers, pressing on her clit. Heated waves of pleasure lashed her and as the footsteps neared the end of the corridor where they stood twined around each other, she felt the ripples start within her. Declan’s cock swelled and he thrust up into her hard.

With a loud groan she came, her body jerking in orgasm as the shadow of a man fell across the end of the corridor. Declan leaned into her, pushing her against the crypts as he pumped his cock into her pussy one last time, his orgasm bursting over him. He growled loudly as his cum bathed her spasming pussy. Her flesh clutched at him and she felt his skin ripple with the force of his orgasm.

“Madre de Dios! Es la Muerte!”

The frightened whisper interrupted their mutual orgasm, but neither of them could look at the terrified cemetery worker. Moments later, he was gone, running from the building, howling again to the Mother of God about seeing Death.

See how hot the cemetery can be if you have the right kind of imagination and you’ve paired up a black dragon of a man with a sexy female vampire? Rawr!

I’m often asked if working in the cemetery freaks me out. Again, my answer would be NO. But there are things that freak out everyone from spiders to flying. In my soon to be released novella Rock My World, Gia, the heroine, is terrified of flying. Since I’m not afraid to fly I had to think about how I would feel if I were terrified. What I discovered is that seriously hot men can distract from any fear. Let’s see how Sin’s hotness distracts Gia…

Gia loved the sound of Sin’s voice in her ears singing a rocking ballad as she touched him. The shaking of the plane faded into the distance as she fucked his mouth with her tongue. Takeoff became a blur of heated touches and escalating passion. The cabin pressure had nothing on the pressure between her thighs as she deepened the kiss, giving him more of her mouth and taking more of his tongue. Her world narrowed to the circle of Sin’s arms.

One night. All it had taken for her to fall for Sinclair Carstens was a single night. Of course, it had been the most spectacular night of her life, and keeping things cool and fun had been difficult. She wanted to be possessive. She wanted to be fierce. She wanted to own Sin Carstens—body, heart, and soul—the way he now owned her. If she didn’t have the proof of her own aching heart and wet pussy, she would still scoff at the notion of love at first fuck. Certainly, she’d teased James about that phenomenon when he’d met his wife. He’d probably return the favor now.

Sin cupped her breasts, thumbing her nipples into stiff points. The iPod, smooshed between them, clicked off. Gia’s ears hummed as the music stopped, allowing her to hear the loud guffaw that came from behind them.

“I’d tell you to get a room, but then the john would be occupied until we land.”

James and Derek laughed uproariously at James’ joke. Breaking the kiss, Gia unsnapped her seatbelt and twisted in her seat, glaring at her bandmates.

“Fucktards,” she growled.

Derek pointed to James. “He said it. Not me. Don’t get yer bloomers in a bunch,” he said with a grin, his British accent heavier than usual because of his mirth.

“Damned fag.” Gia’s words held no heat and she stuck her tongue out at the tattooed drummer.

“You just wish you could suck cock as good as me.” Derek winked broadly at her.

Sin twisted in his seat and opened his mouth to speak, but Gia slapped her palm over it. He blinked in surprise and James and Derek burst out laughing.

“No need to defend your woman to us, mate,” Derek told him. “We’re sure she blows ya better’n a brass trumpet. Or is that strumpet?”

“Oh, for God’s sake.” Gia whipped around in her seat, pulling Sin down. “Just ignore them. They’ll go away in a few minutes.”

So that’s a few things I’m asked about working in a cemetery. And a few tastes of my work. For more tastes, hop on over to my website where you’ll find blurbs and excerpts for all of my books. If you have questions about cemeteries or mortuaries, Halloween birthdays, or writing about paranormal creatures like vampires and werewolves please do ask them in comments and I’ll try to answer them as soon as I can!

Many thanks to Tonya for having me here on Halloween! It’s really capped off my Halloween…and my birthday!

Thank you Lex for stopping by on your birthday...and this post was extra extra hot!!! Hope you have the best birthday:)


  1. What are the odds of someone born on Halloween working in a cemetery! How cool! Fun post, Lex.

  2. Happy Birthday Lex! I'm quite amused by the sex at the cemetery question, lol.

    Really liked the Shifting Winds excerpt ;-)


  3. The odds must be monumental for a woman with a Halloween birthday who writes about vampires and works at a cemetery! LOL And the Shifting Winds excerpt is probably one of the hottest I've ever posted. There's something really steamy about sex in costume on Halloween in a cemetery!

    Thanks Darah and Evie!

  4. lol Very interesting job, Lex. Happy Birthday!

  5. Well I'm just the computer geek but it is an interesting place to work. Thanks, NJ!