Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Blurb

My official release date for Night Promises is January 5, 2011 from the publishers website for 30 days before moving on to third party stores.

Kelly O'Keefe first met a vampire when she was twelve. Now the pair are best friends and have opened Night Pleasures, an underground club that caters to vampires and their needs. Once Kelly's sister is murderd, she finds herself working with Connor, a vampire she's been in love with for months. Unable to trust men, let alone a vampire, can she let him help her solve her sister's murder?

Connor has been watching after Kelly for seven months with the help fo his sire and best friend, Micah. Connor has kept himself as a distance even though he knows they are life mates. But he's afraid of losing control and turning Kelly against her will. When he learns Kelly plans on investigating her sister's death, he steps in and allows himself to get close to her.

But how close is too close?

Also check out the Secret Cravings website, they have an amazing contest going on. You won't want to miss it!!

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